Does anyone know when merit/finaid packages will be sent?

Has anyone received their package? I saw that this same question was asked with 0 replies in March 2016 so I don’t have very high hopes for an answer. Rose is the only EA school that hasn’t sent a financial package yet and I’m getting a little twitchy.

@snoozn - I emailed the admissions department a couple of weeks ago, and they responded that the notification of the amount of merit aid (if any) will come by mid-March.

So a bit of a long wait… :frowning:

@thshadow, glad you did the legwork though I don’t much like the answer. Don’t they know March is the realm of RD?? :!!

CC really needs an impatient foot-tapping emoji.

I guess they wait until they see their RD apps, so they can decide merit (which is only for EA IIRC) and need together?


That’s probably it. Someone on another thread was mentioning that some schools will offer extra merit to EA acceptances once they get a look at the RD pool. But I would think those aren’t usually large amounts, so it would be nice to at least know the minimum early. Two and a half months for anything from any college. Sigh…

Both EA and RD applicants get the same consideration for merit. The only advantage of applying EA was knowing if you got in earlier or not, it doesn’t give more merit. I applied RD and received a substantial amount of merit.

I’d just recommend visiting Rose and every other school on the list, and use the time to avoid rushing to a decision. What may seem like a top choice or a safety may be not what you expect as soon as you visit it. You may hate the top choice and fall in love with the safety.

Ah yes, sorry, my mistake. I got it confused with other schools.

Hmmm strange. I emailed the admissions office to inquire about the merit scholarships and they replied that Merit scholarship award notifications for Early Action admitted students will go out in January. Anyone else receive this reply?

I guess I will hope for the best (that @Callandor is right), but expect the worst (that @gemivnet is right)! My D hasn’t received any kind of notification about when to expect merit info, but she hasn’t asked.

Well, Lisa Norton told me “Your notification of the amount of merit aid will come by mid-March”.

Oh, but re-looking at the earlier email from her, she said that if I filed the FAFSA, I’d get a financial package from them in mid-January.

I told her I wasn’t planning on filing the FAFSA, and that’s when she told me that the amount of DD’s merit aid would come by mid-March.

Maybe they do need-based aid first (and include merit?), and then do merit-only later, with leftover money?


We did file a FAFSA (without a lot of hope). I’ll post here when she receives info on need-based, merit, or both. It’s pretty close to mid-January…

All packages are being mailed tomorrow! I got that information direct from the horse’s mouth. Whether or not you’ve filed FAFSA.

I haven’t received anything yet. What about you guys?

I think she was guessing it would arrive on Tuesday, after the holiday. Hoping to get it overnight seems unlikely, I would think.

I’m wondering…if they sent need based awards out on Friday, shouldn’t it also be showing on the BannerWeb? There is no option to select aid year 2017-2018.

Just got an email 1 hour ago - awards are out! You can check them on bannerweb. Follow the (non-trivial) directions in the email.

DD received $11k merit per year. (Or at least for the first year - I don’t see it specified how it renews.)

Received my offer just now. I got $20k off in grants and merit.

@thshadow The merit renews provided a min GPA is maintained each year(not sure how much).

17,750 off with merit, 22,400 total award, still stupidly unaffordable. Also the description of my merit award actually said no minimum GPA was needed.

This school is not known for great aid. My brother-in-law was accepted, many moons ago, with a “merit” award. He thought it was great, but his parents knew better.

It cost them a fortune!