Does Canadian citizenship guarantee that I pay Canadian tuition

<p>Hello, I just had a question as to whether I could pay the Canadian tuition fees. I was actually born in Canada to American parents and have been living in the united states for my entire life. As we know, my birth there gives me citizenship. My preference is to hopefully leave Texas and go to Canada for university. If so, would I have to pay international fees or would I be able to pay domestic ones? I was told a few months ago that I would be able to pay the domestic ones, but some part of me is seriously doubting this. Any information would be really helpful to me, as I'm already preparing financially for college.</p>

<p>For tuition fee purposes, a Domestic student is one whose official immigration status in Canada is citizen, permanent resident or protected person; regardless of the country of residence.</p>

<p>So yes, you will have to pay domestic fees.</p>

<p>You can check with the schools you're interested in, just to be certain but you shouldn't have a problem, as long as you have a Canadian passport.</p>

<p>Yes. Eccehomo is correct. My daughter is dual Canadian/US citizen residing in the US and is going to university in Canada. She pays tuition at the Canadian and not foreign rates. I think this is usually on the university's website, but you might call and ask if you are not sure.</p>

<p>You would probably need to provide a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or a passport.</p>

<p>You would probably need to pay for health care, at least for a while. This is not an onerous payment. </p>

<p>You would be treated like a US citizen while applying -- most schools look at SAT/ACT scores for applicants from US high schools and not for applicants from Canadian high schools.</p>