Does Clark require CSS?

My son is applying EA to Clark. We just filled out the CSS and when we input the code for Clark it says Clark does not accept the CSS for domestic undergraduate applicants (only for international applicants). I looked at the Clark website and found one place where it says you need to complete the CSS and another that lists FinAid form deadlines which only lists the FAFSA.

Has anyone applied to Clark this year and gotten clarification on this? We just don’t want to miss the EA deadline if we are misunderstanding the note on the CSS form. (I’ll call Tuesday for clarification if no one has already done it.)

Their website is clear that they need only FAFSA from domestic applicants: Apply for Financial Aid | Financial Aid | Clark University

They do need CSS from international applicants:


:grimacing: :woman_facepalming:t2: I had inadvertently googled myself onto the international applicant financial aid page. Thanks!

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FYI, we got a note today in my son’s admissions portal that Clark requires an additional “Clark financial aid form.“ It has some of the typical questions you see on a net price calculator (home value & amount owed, other properties owned, business ownership, any financial help from outside your family expected, any tuition benefits expected). Less extensive than the CSS, and free to fill out. :grin: