Does Columbia rescind an acceptance easily?

<p>I got accepted columbia ED. major: economics
i am currently in 5 ap classes. For midyear grades, I have 3 b's, one b+, a c+ and a c-.
c+ in ap calc and c- in ap physics. not even b/c of senioritis. just can't do physics.</p>

<p>would they withdraw my acceptance?</p>

<p>okay, i'm gonna do tough love. </p>

<p>as a fellow physics-idiot, i don't believe you can't do physics. </p>

<p>it is complicated, and hard, sure, but add up the number of hours you are doing other things and i am sure you could spend more time either being tutored or doing physics well. i had a nasty physics grade after a midterm report in hs, and spent the rest of the term and year trying to make up for it. how you deal with the least important thing in your day says a lot about how you perceive life. and you are going to need a lot more calc in your life if you want to do econ, so that's crap my friend.</p>

<p>as for columbia - they wont be happy with you, and even if they do not rescind your admission, it is certainly possible that they could put you on academic probation, which is a crap way to start. that being said - i haven't heard of them rescinding an admission though plenty of kids who got probationary letters. i think the burden for rescinding is probably criminal, though if they completely lose faith in you, they might seek other remedies.</p>

<p>you have half a year's worth of hs left, i'd say it is a good idea to try and figure out how to wipe those c's and b's off your transcript. for your pride, to not anger your new school before you step on campus, and because bringing up those grades probably will be the greatest satisfaction you can attain - makes you realize you actually can do physics. and knowing that is a good way to start college.</p>


<p>and here is some advice: there are a lot of students on here that are denied or waitlisted from columbia, and they work their butts off. to them this posting is kind of a slap in their face. i know you didn't think of them when you posted, but sometimes being specific about your grades and situations creates envy. in any case, the adage still remains: to those that are given much, more is expected.</p>

<p>Word, admissionsgeek.</p>

<p>Exactly what I was thinking. You probably won't get rescinded-- but are you sure you want to do Columbia's top economics program with limited calculus skills?</p>