Does Fordham give legacies an advantage?

Son graduated RoseHill in 2016. Daughter now extremely interested in Fordham after visiting this past week. I know its a numbers game, 48,000 applicants, 46% acceptance rate and 2,200 freshman enrollment. Wondering if being a legacy would give a bump in the admissions process? Any thoughts? experiences are appreciated.

Check their CDS. I believe it’s listed under section C7

Fordham CDS does say legacy is ‘considered’, but note the CDS does not define legacy. At some schools a sibling having attended does not confer legacy status.

Short of the definition being on Fordham’s website (which on a quick search did not come up), you would need to ask an admissions director.

My husband and I both graduated from Fordham and my son was Wait Listed. One of my college classmates’ daughter also applied and got wait listed.

Legacy is definitely considered. My grandfather attended in the Depression but dropped out to support his family when his father died young, my dad graduated College of Pharmacy in 1952, I graduated FC Rose Hill in 1977, my daughter graduated in 2007, and my 12-year-old grand daughter has eyes on Rose Hill but wants a career in the military, so the legacy may end after four generations as her interests are focused on Texas A&M. Legacy is taken into account but you still need the marks. A great school all around. I grew up with my father taking me to all the games at Rose Hill, knew my way around the campus when I was just a teen.

Yes, it is. But it does not guarantee admissions

D was accepted. Have to think legacy played a part😅