Does having 50% extra time delay getting SAT/ACT scores?

Hi, does anyone know whether scores tend to be delayed if the test-taker has 50% extra time as an accommodation? Wondering if scores from the Oct. 2 SAT and Oct 23 ACT will be out in time for my daughter’s various ED and EA deadlines. The SAT and ACT websites say that scores “may” be delayed for several weeks test-takers with accommodations, but for my older child, who went through this a few years ago and also had 50% extra time, the scores came pretty quickly (less than 2 weeks for the SAT, less than 3 for the ACT). Does anyone have recent experience with the speed of scores for test-takers with 50% extra time?

I would call directly but I do think it does. Call the college board and get a direct answer. Also call the schools your applying to, to see if you scores will count. If taken by the appropriate time don’t think you will be penalized for it.

Hi! I had the same 50% extra time accommodation, and I took the ACT twice and I got my scores back around a month after I took each test. Hope this helps!