Does IU Kelley rescind? And if so, would they rescind me?

Thank you!

Ill definitely explore my options thank you

My son’s GC was clear with him that a change in classes =
a change to your app you should notify. He did so and the admissions officer said it was fine.

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Hmm, first I’d finish strong. Next, I’d ask myself if I’m cut out for business (which has a lot of math). If you were getting D’s because you didn’t do the work, that’s one thing. If you had trouble in high school math and plan to be a business major that’s another, IMHO.

I would like to add to the above that math at IU is considered by many to be difficult due to the specific required classes and some poor teaching. All students must meet the mathematical modeling requirement (usually done so by taking Finite Math), and Kelley requires all its students to take Finite Math and Calculus. Many students struggle with these, so much so that many take at CC and transfer the credits in. Not sure if that is allowed for Kelley going forward though. IMO you should consider the math requirements of Kelley and the reasons you struggled this year. On top of math, there will be other challenging courses for Kelley. I don’t even have a kid in that particular school at IU, but it’s a well known thing.