Does IU Kelley rescind? And if so, would they rescind me?

Hey everyone,
My petition got accepted in January to Kelley for the fall 2022 semester. I then had a 3.7 unweighted, and a 3.8 weighted. I was taking Graphic Design, AP Calc AB, AP Government, and Art History. As Graphic Design and Art History were classes that were 1 semester-long and were only taken to fulfill a graduation requirement, they were swapped out second semester with no problem. Here is where the problem comes in.
I am currently struggling in the second semester. I have a 2 unweighted, but because of my performance in the semester before, I have a 3.9 weighted (sure to drop after this semester to maybe a 3.5-3.7). At the start of the semester, I was taking Creative Writing, Expository Writing, AP Calc AB, AP Government, and an internship program. I dropped expository because with two english classes for the semester, I figured I’d take one with a lighter load. A month into the semester I was failing AP Calc, so I dropped it for Honors Calculus. I have a couple of Ds right now, but I think that I will be able to get my GPA up to a near 3 with no Ds to finish. If I make sure I have no Ds, along with the fact that me dropping certain classes was okay, would I get rescinded for Kelley? Does IU or Kelley even rescind?

Thank you all.

You should contact admissions.

I’d wait til the end of the year to see if you get Ds. If not, don’t worry. - and if you (in your last semester) can drop from a 3.9 to a 3.5-3.7 i’d say math - and business probably aren’t your strong suit. Seems a long way down with so many credits in already.

Work with your teachers…study study study. Understand the material…get these to a C.

If you get a D, then you need to ask as @Happy1 says - but I imagine there’s a path (perhaps summer school to get them cleared).

You could call and ask anonymously - but they likely won’t give you a defined answer.

Alright thank you! I am pretty confident I can get them up to a minimum C if not higher. One full week of classes left, this week is definitely a make or break week.

one week to go - focus on that!!

Agree that if you can get your grades up to a C that should be fine. However IMO you should let them know in advance about dropping any classes and/or dropping down a level in a class. They will see it on your final transcript and best if there are no surprises.

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How do I go about doing that do you know? Do I call admissions or fill out some sort of form?

Call and ask. You’re gonna be an adult. You’ve got to start doing for yourself!!!

I am not sure anyone here has had this exact experience with IU and Kelley. Assuming you will pass all classes (whatever that means at your school) and graduate, I do not think IU or Kelley will rescind.

With a 3.0, you will be more than fine. Make sure you do everything possible to make that happen.

Not my business, but I am somewhat curious and concerned that you took 2 English classes and AP math. Were you trying to show a strong schedule and went too far? Did something happen that influenced your academic results?

Good luck!

I would not do that. You would be highlighting something that does not matter much. The grades, however, will matter - so focus on those regardless of the classes.

I don’t know the policy at IU but many schools require that any change in study-plan post-application be reported to them. If the OP dropped or changed classes after applying, I believe they may be obligated to report that. Would be best to confirm with the admissions office to avoid any surprises later.

Confirmed with a trusted source at the school. They have 10k freshmen and accept 35k to get to the 10k. Whether the people here think it is right, wrong, smart, best or 100%… you just have to graduate in almost all instances to keep your admittance to IU. Note they also accept 80%+. Of course, if a potential student brings issues to the attention of the wrong person in admissions… who knows what will happen.

Most schools require that applicants notify them with any change in schedule from what they submitted for senior year on their application. I would get ahead of all of these changes and let them know immediately.

Cs are highly unlikely to cause your admissions offer to be rescinded, but if they get a end-of-year transcript with low grades in classes that weren’t on the application, it could cause a red flag.

To the OP, what did your guidance counselor advise when you were making these changes? It’s really hard to change/drop classes at my kids’ high school so I am wondering if he or she indicated an expected response from colleges.

Good luck!

Feel like your question should be really about IU admission. Kelley is just a direct admission to business school for which there is a secondary path in your sophomore year.

To confirm

  • people are advising OP to contact the school because OP moved from an AP to an Honors and dropped an extra class that was not needed. My source, experience, and commonsense say something different.

The question around having an acceptance rescinded will be 100% about the grades/outcome. I sincerely hope the OP does not take CC advice and highlight an issue when there is no issue. It might result in a more discerning eye at year end.

Here is one school’s policy. Most colleges are similar. I will look for Indiana’s, but your advice does not adhere to what most colleges require. Perhaps IU is different:

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I do agree that the poster should work with the high school guidance counselor in determining the next steps and not rely on the advice of anonymous CC member — not yours or mine.

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On this FAQ, it says that you need to “Complete the high school coursework listed on your application.”

You can find the answer under Submit Final Transcript and Test Score. It does not indicate the process to follow when you have changed the submitted schedule. I would definitely make an appointment with your guidance counselor to determine the best path:

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I had to get 2 english credits this year to graduate, and my schedule put 0 first semester english courses and 2 second semester courses. Just weird scheduling.

Dropping/exchanging classes at my high school is super easy. She didn’t say anything about it affecting my admission, I found that it may affect it after searching it up.