Does packing stress you out?

I have a longtime friend who for as long as I’ve known her stresses out about packing before a trip. Doesn’t matter if it’s only a long weekend or two weeks, she gets really wound about it. She just asked me how I don’t get stressed, and I said I don’t know, but it got me thinking about which one of us is more typical. Do y’all get stressed packing for a trip?

I used to, yes. Packing and all of the other pre-trip preparations, especially since I was managing it for the entire family (I don’t pack for my DH though). And finally after many years I realized what really is the stress point: getting the laundry done before hand so I have everything to choose from. Having a standard packing list can help, and I have a complete toiletry bag with travel sizes of everything I need there. Also I remember complaining to my mom and sister (who didn’t have kids in the house); they would just pack gradually starting a week before, but that never worked for us due to kids/space and laundry again.

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Not a short weekend trip but yea I get stressed when I’m flying. Could have to do as much with my anxiety about flying as much as the packing but I still overthink it.

Anxiety has me sweating all the small stuff.

And I’m in awe of those who pack the night before a big trip

No…I don’t stress at all. I figure there are stores everywhere…if I forget something.


I’m also one that does not stress about packing for a trip, but both of my daughters do.

I used to then I’d started realizing and repeating to myself “I’m not going to Kathmandu” - I still get a bit nervous, but I think that’s a combo of excitement and general anxiety about travel.


Despise packing. Usually wait until the night before no matter the distance or duration of the destination.

DH is completely different. He packs up several days prior. We each drive the other batty.

But after 29 years of marriage and neither of us have changed, I don’t predict a change in either of our approaches.

Also, you didn’t ask but….once I’m at my destination, I prefer to unpack my suitcase immediately, using drawers, closets, counters, shelves, etc. whereas DH prefers to live out of his suitcase the entire time and rarely unpack suitcase at all except for a few shirts to hang up.


Oh this is me 100% - it makes me feel like I’m actually settled in!

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I am a chronic overpacker. Hate it.

Somehow my son can go away for 2 weeks with a carry on so thankfully it is not hereditary.


I used to stress more, especially when the kids were little. I have a packing list or a “things to do” list. But I’m at the point if it’s a short weekend trip for just H & me, I can get everything together in 20 min right before we leave. Longer overseas trip, I get out the suitcases 1-2 days before, but won’t actually start packing until the night before.

What stress me out more than packing is the other stuff. I like the house to be as clean as possible, and I also make sure to take of any adulting type stuff before I go. Because if something happens to me, H will be lost for awhile.


Yes! I hate packing- always think I’m not going to like my choices of what I bring/don’t want to over pack, etc. if my husband saw the title of this thread he would be laughing right now- he kids me all the time about. He even bought me new luggage this year thinking that would help, lol.

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I hate packing, too. I always take too much. It’s not good when you’re travelling across the globe!

Just reading your headline made me anxious. :slight_smile: Travel a lot and an efficient packer - but hate and stress the entire time until I close my suitcase.

As long as the laundry is done then packing clothes is about a 10-15 min chore.

Tolietry items do it in the morning when done.

Of course I am not out to impress anyone


Yeah I stress but only because I know taking too much stuff really bogs me down. It’s all in the shoes and underwear… The packing is easy but the planning gets me. The less you take the harder it gets.

Easier to pack for 2 weeks in Europe and just take my travel clothes ( I call them wash and wad–quick dry, no wrinkle) than a three day weekend with “events”. I want carry on all the way and less is better. Convincing my husband to go carry on is a different matter but I think he’s convinced he can do it this time pretty easily (two weeks). I try to follow the “half the clothes, twice the money” protocol. I lucked out at Sam’s club and got him 3 pairs of travel shorts and 2 super polos for 50 bucks (all quick dry)! No such luck for women though. But he was all set instantly.

We went to Belgium several years ago and if we were not carry on we wouldn’t have made it. Our flight was canceled and because we were able to grab our bags and hop aboard another plane (in the process of leaving) they let us on. Nightmare pretty much. If we hadn’t made that plane it would have been another 3 days.

When you find the perfect travel item in clothing buy two!

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I can too!


No stress, I travel light like a college student, I usually pack a small hand carrying suitcase for 4 months. When I go to UK, I go to Pound land to get the rest.
When I’m in Maui before Covid, I can get 6 t-shirts in Maui for $20, at that rate why bother packing.

I have started using a packing list to help me remember all the things I need, especially medical devices, RX and supplements.

My hardest issue is figuring how to stay the ideal temperature. When I’m too cold, I get hives. I try to bring lots of layers so I can increase and or reduce them as desired.

H and I have started packing some in advance if we have a spare bedroom and bed to use for staging (one or both kids aren’t in the house). Sometimes packing over a period of time can get more confusing but sometimes it is helpful.

I agree that it’s helpful to remember we can buy most things if they weren’t packed. Medical equipment and medicines are harder to get if they were forgotten but I have generally been able to manage anyway.

Haven’t traveled since 2019. We are pretty light packers, but my medical equipment and medications take up more space than I’d like. We are still able to do all carry on luggage, for up to a 5 week trip in different climates including very cold weather.

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No, I travelled a lot 18-35 often carrying my own bag. Got really good at what to bring and what not to. I bring a small roller board with wheels, and I keep space to buy things. My hardest thing is not bringing too many toiletries. I keep a flight only dopp kid ready. I can pack in 1/2 hour because I get so excited about the trip and I’ve already decided what I’m going to bring. I try to pack 2/3rds and leave 1/3 empty.
Was supposed to go to London this weekend but I had to change plans due to a client meeting. Client just told me has Covid and needs to reschedule. Flights are now too expensive to join my spouse. So mad. Would’ve been fun.

You can buy what you forgot but it’s easier to find those “multi-purpose” clothing items before you go. I have a super lightweight rain jacket that layers with sweater if it gets cold. Found a pair of Sketchers that I can wear with a dress as flats but are water proof and super comfortable for walking. Love to hear your finds.

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