Does packing stress you out?

I do get a bit stressed but that’s because I don’t like travel and especially being away from my stuff. I’ve tried “not overpacking” but then I’m always MISERABLE on my trip without the things I like with me.

I do unpack the second I get home. Probably because I’m so thrilled to be home and just want to get back to normal.

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Yep. Same. And….I start a load of laundry from the trip clothes immediately. (All dirty clothes are immediately separated into laundry baskets.)

I try to get it all washed that same day/night after we return home. But not always possible if we come back too late in the day.

And I then put the empty suitcases by the stairs and remind DH they need to be stored away ASAP (which means that night, or if not by morning, I will start nagging.):wink:


Me three. I unpack immediately and do the laundry. I hate having that chore hanging over my head.


I used to be an unpacking procrastinator, but then asked myself why? I think it helped once I became a better packer and a Marie Kondo acolyte. The things I take on vacation are things I wear here all the time so I need some of it. I can’t let it sit around for days on end. Unless it’s been a really long trip, I won’t start laundry right away, but I like the visual of how much work is ahead of me.

We’re leaving on Monday for Maine for the summer. Seven days on the road with a four-day stop at our son’s in GA. I’m all packed*:

The small case contains all skin/makeup/hair products, electronics, and jewelry. The roller bag has underwear, sleep shirt, and travel purse packed.

Now to thoroughly clean the house…

*This is what I need for the road. Everything else I need for the summer is already at the cabin.


I have to say that my upcoming trip (leaving tomorrow) for a wedding weekend is stressing me out a bit. I feel so sorry for the bride and groom. It’s supposed to be an outdoor wedding - things are not looking good for that. I had planned on wearing a halter dress (the high when I arrive tomorrow is 87 degrees). Twenty degree drop in temps and rain/thunderstorm chances (90%) by Saturday for the wedding. So, I had to do a last minute change in what I was planning on wearing. I’m borrowing something from a friend, and it is way above the price point I normally pay. I’m worried about it getting ruined! Ugh. But, I just do not have anything suitable of my own in case the wedding stays outside by some chance. I’m also not sure if I should take a raincoat to help protect it. But will there be a place to hang it?

This is why traveling that involves an, “event,” stresses me out so much.


Special events are the hardest to pack for. You have in your mind what you want to wear and then boom! the weather isn’t what you were planning.


I’m now taking two options on dresses, an umbrella, and a raincoat. I am generally not one for taking options, but with the uncertainty of the timing of this front, it could be 80 degrees or it could be 60 degrees. Since I am leaving two days prior to the wedding, it’s too early to know which way it will go.

When my daughter graduated from college the weekend before Memorial Day, the day before graduation it was mid 80’s and sunny. Her boyfriend at the time had a cousin graduating and was sunburnt. Daughter’s graduation was 55 and steady rain. I was not prepared. Don’t be me!


See I’d look at that and think but what if it rains or is cold or warm but I want a light sweater. Or maybe the option for a denim jacket. And I wouldn’t want to just have a sleep shirt for pjs. Need sweats for lounging at night / morning. And all day I’d be thinking about how I’m dreading having to take a shower the night/the next morning without my big terrycloth robe to use after. I LOATHE getting out of the shower with only a hotel towel. See why I can’t pack light?

Also, Are you planning on any dinners out? If so what are you wearing?

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I’m panicking right now while browsing CC to calm myself. I’m usually OK traveling because I know that I can purchase that toothbrush or pair of socks at my destination if I have to. But right now I’m departing tomorrow morning for a long sailing trip and there is No Where to stop and get anything on shore anywhere. So, if I forget something or need something important (sun screen / bug spray) I will be a goner. No cell service or Internet either which leads to my biggest concern below.

My biggest issue is that I am usually juggling multiple clients and spend late nights trying to get everything caught up, including making little envelopes of pay for everyone on my crew and making long task lists for work while I am gone. That is the part that makes it almost not worth it to try and get away.

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I love packing because it means I get to go somewhere! I like the anticipation of most trips as much as the trip. I’m a huge list maker, so I look at previous lists and then make a new one for each trip.

I use packing cubes and like rolling clothes. I pack far ahead of time and do as someone above mentioned - laying everything out on the bed to assess. The only time I get a bit stressed is for an unexpected trip, like a death or last minute getaway (rare). I keep a toiletry bag packed in my closet and add/subtract as needed.

Just thinking about packing makes me wish I had somewhere to go.

My son just traveled to the UK yesterday for six weeks of archive research. He is a master minimalist packer.

And I just remembered how my family would give my brother grief because he would come home for a weekend with all his belongings in a paper grocery bag. :joy:


My son went to Japan for 10 weeks with less than a full 26 inch suitcase (and a backpack, but it wasn’t packed, except for his computer). I can barely get by at the beach for a week with that.

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I hope you have a great time! IMO, some of the best vacations are the ones that force you to totally disconnect. I hope you are able to relax and enjoy!

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One of my last plane trips before Covid, I sat next to a young man whose only belongings was a plastic garbage bag (like a kitchen trash bag) tied in a knot. He was totally non-communicative and I admit I felt uncomfortable all through the flight! Judging I know, but what was IN that bag he so seemed to so tightly protect with is legs?!

I think packing for out of town events is very tricky! I always bring two outfits for something like a wedding. I always think, what if a zipper breaks- my husband always brings two dress shirts. So I think you’re smart to be prepared. Much easier though if your destination is drivable.

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Will be packing for a 6 day trip this weekend. I’m realizing with the help of this thread that so much of packing is NOT clothes! Too much to take!
Shoes (i think you have to have 2 minimum)
Toiletries (I don’t even really wear make up but still need daily care stuff)
Electronics and CORDS/CHARGERS (all the stuff for phone, ipad, nook, earbuds, Apple watch)
Covid tests! (seems smart to pack a couple)
Water container (D2 did purchase a collapsible one)
A few snacks

I’m only bringing a sling for a “purse” and a backpack for my personal item. No other “bag”. I won’t bring my regular “loaded” wallet just some cash and the cards I need (credit, insurance, Covid) in a small zippered pouch.

I don’t bring jewelry except for a pair on my ears and one spare - just simple gold hoops.

Who has room for clothes?!!! :slight_smile:


Yes, (brag alert) we’re taking our son and his GF out to dinner to celebrate her graduation and his first-semester 4.0 at GT. I’ll be wearing the blue-striped tee shirt dress folded atop the pants on the right and the blue thong/sandals. Everything I could possible need for this trip is in that photo. As for the sleep shirt, it’s a threadbare Choate tee that I’ll wear only if the bedroom is freezing cold. None of the temps between here and Maine (including AC) hit my sweater threshold. I don’t own a bathrobe. Umbrellas live permanently in our car. We’re driving.


Wow I would be so unhappy in an air conditioned restaurant in a short sleeve dress. Just miserably cold! I would definitely need a denim jacket over it. And I’m not an umbrella only person. Need a raincoat for sure. Otherwise I end up wet ( and cold, even if the air temp is warm). Maybe this is why I must always “overpack”

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Packing can definitely show how flexible or not we are with our habits!!! :slight_smile: