Does The EA App Have To Be In Or Postmarked By Nov 1?

<p>I am very confused. Does the Georgetown app have to be into Georgetown's office by Nov. 1 or does it just have to be postmarked and sent by that date?????? Please help :(</p>

<p>Postmarked...I sent mine today and thought I was going to puke!</p>

<p>are you sure? i will love you forever if you are right.......</p>

<p>no. I'm sorry to say, but I quote from G-Town's Application Calender: November 1: Deadline for the receipt of Early Action applications and all supporting credentials. My advice: do it now, overnight it.</p>

<p>Nah, don't overnight it. That's $15 of wasted money. I would recommend sending it priority, though. It'll probably get here on time if you sent it first class, but I wouldn't take that risk. You're definitely safe with priority, though. Hmm... I could swear that they moved down the early app deadline. I think mine was November 15, last year. Wonder why they are doing it that way?</p>

<p>I'm sending mine in tomorrow, which is the 27th. How many days is priority?</p>

<p>2-3 guaranteed.</p>

<p>sounds good to me...</p>

<p>So if I live in California, I pretty much HAVE to send it by tomorrow by priority mail for it to get there on time?</p>

<p>"In GeorgetownÂ’s case, the Early Action postmark deadline is November 1. Students admitted under the Early Action program will have until May 1 to send in a deposit..."</p>

<p>This is from FAQ's about Georgetown's Early Action.</p>

<p>So I guess November 1st IS the postmark date after all! That's good news for me... :D</p>

<p>I had the same question, and I asked the girl who interviewed me (she used to work in Admissions). She said it had to be postmarked by November 1, but the Admissions Office is normally very lenient (they get so many applications from far away and out of country).</p>

<p>well, on the same website, I saw receipt of applications as Nov 1. Either way, the clock is ticking.</p>

<p>I told you it was postmarked...</p>

CA to DC mail actually goes INCREDIBLY fast...especially if you take it directly to the post office, I think it goes to the plane that day.</p>

<p>yesterday I was browsing Georgetown's Admissions website, and on two different pages I saw both (postmarked/received). I guess the deadline isn't set in stone, but the sooner the better is probably the best rule.</p>