Does this happen at your HS?

<p>Every year, there are 5-10 people that go to each of 3-5 very popular colleges from our graduating class...Are there certain colleges where 5-10ish or so people from the graduating class at your school go to each year? Our graduating class this year is 142, and is usually around that. There are 5 popular colleges that literally take up 1/3 of the graduating class this year!</p>

<p>my school has a class of over 800, usually like 1-5 go to ivies/top schools, 8 go to berkeley, 13 into UCLA, then like 20 into other UC's and that level colleges. But the majority goes to pierce or csun.</p>

<p>It just seems odd, because those 5 colleges this year where several people are going are also where about the same number went to last year, and the year before, the year before that...etc.</p>

<p>i have a class of over 900 and most of them go to either of the large state schools in our state. nearly everyone goes to IU at my high school.</p>

<p>Most people at my high school don't graduate.</p>

<p>There's usually between 50-100 going to our state flagship and 50-100 more going to the local community college each year. The other 200 or so are split between a plethora of other community colleges and four year universities, with a small handful going to technical schools or entering the workforce straight away.</p>

<p>@yeahimprettysweet- that's sad!!! This year, 99.3% graduated, last year it was 100%...the 1 person out of 142 this year that didn't graduate is one who has been a slacker for all of HS anyways.</p>

<p>Yes it happens!</p>

<p>A lot of people at my school end up going to a UT@A or a community college. Most of them end up going to the ladder. It's annoying.</p>

<p>This year, here's what we have, and this is typical of most years at my HS:</p>

<p>21: 1 to each of 21 various private 4-year colleges/universities
2 to each of 7 other private universities
3 to another private u
4 to another private u
16: 1 to each of 16 various public 4-year colleges/universities
2 to each of 4 other certain public universities
3 to each of 2 other public universities
5 to each of 2 other public universities
6 to another public u
1 to an acting school (not sure if it's 4 years of whatever...)
1 to some fashion institute
1 to the US Naval Academy
11 to one of those 5 popular 4-year colleges I mentioned, a public u
10 to another of those 5, a local private u
8 to another of those 5, a private u
8 to another of those 5, a public out-of-state u
7 to another of those 5, our local state u
3 to the same community college
2 undecided as to what they're doing next year</p>

<p>It's all listed in our graduation program from this past Wednesday. I know that only adds up to 140, not 142 as there are in my class, but that's all that's listed for the info I have. 2 people must not have turned in their information to the school office before graduation to have it included in the graduation program.</p>

<p>I think my class actually has a higher percentage of students going to a public college/university over private ones compared to the previous few classes...maybe it's because of the economy this year!</p>

<p>We have a 2011 class of about 700 in SoCal:</p>

<p>1 to Stanford
about 5-6 each to UCLA/UC Berkeley
about 12-15 each to UC Riverside/UC Irvine
about 25-30 to Cal States/Cal Polys
about 5 each to UC Davis/UC San Diego
a couple to all other UC's (SB, SC, Merced)
some to a few other schools (BYU, Air Force Academy, GWU, SMU, etc.)
the rest (at least 100) to the local community college</p>

<p>a lot of them go into the marines/army/navy.
several go to uc's
some go to csu's
majority go to communitycollege for 2years then transfer
the rest don't graduate or don't plan on going to college right out of highschool</p>

<p>To my knowledge, nobody from my HS has been accepted into a Top 20 in more than 20 years, and nobody has attended one in more than forty years.</p>

<p>It depends with my school, a lot of them go to Mizzou, some of them go to slightly harder schools. Most of them go nowhere. I went to a hard school. This current year it seems that most of them are going to hard schools except the people labeled as the smartest. There was something wrong with this year, most of them are going to community colleges or not going at all. Although, one of them is a known cheater and probably couldn't get into any schools if he tried.</p>

<p>We get a lot of students applying and accepted to UCLA and University of London but there is not a significant number of people that actually go. My school is IB so people have different places around the world they want to go to for university.</p>

<p>My school sends the majority of its graduating class to SUNY Potsdam, SLU, and SUNY Canton. Some will go into the military or other state schools. Hardly anyone goes to a private college, and I don't think there's been a matriculation to any Ivies in years.</p>

<p>This is interesting. I go to a private school around NYC. For this year's senior class, I think about a quarter is going to Cornell, NYU, and SUNYs. A dozen are going to the other Ivies and the rest usually goes to LACs like Colgate, Haverford, Williams etc. or other 4 year privates.</p>

<p>lol at my school there are only state schools and local CCs. Oh and sometimes Boston...we are a very small school</p>

<p>SoCal HS:
1-3 Ivies
2-3 Stanford
10 Berkeley
30+ other UCs
50+ other CSUs
50+ community college
and other random colleges</p>