Does this help?

<p>Hey guys,
Well this summer I just got offered an intern position at a compan that does what I hope to be doing after college. I know the boss of the company personally and he says it is fine if I work a couple days of the week. The job is at a private investment company that manages money. However, my mian point is, the guy who runs the company has connections with UVA. He went there and to the business school there. He was one of the first mascots, donates big, and is almost on the board. Do you guys think it would be benifitial if I had him write me a recommendation letter? I know he'd be willing but do you think that the Adcoms will take in any extra consideration because hes and alumni and donates alot?</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry about the influence he has but rather I would focus being excellent in the work you do for his company. If he's genuinely impressed with your work he'll have something meaningful to write about and that will show in the recommendation letter.</p>

<p>yea i guess, I mean I'm really looking foward to working with him. I'm getting to do something I like as a junior which is really great.</p>

<p>UVAorBust, please, please have somebody look over your spelling, syntax, and word use before you submit your essays to UVA or any college/university. I know College Confidential is an informal forum but a pedant like me really notices these kinds of errors and I can't imagine that Admissions Committees are oblivious to them.</p>

<p>Ohh I know jingle, my spelling is horrible to say the least. I'm in AP english and got a 34 on english/reading on the ACT but my spelling is awful! I'm somewhat dislecsic so often when I spell words I get letters mixed up or forget them completely. Words I'm horrible with that I've written 100x but still dont know how to spell like counslor and awnser. I'm going to have my english teacher edit my papers with me.</p>

<p>i think you'll be a perfect fit for UVA.</p>