Does UChicago review applications in any specific order?

SAT scores came in today. I didn’t do terrible but I was anticipating a much better score. I know that UChicago is test-optional (especially this year) but because I have quite a few average grades I was hoping that a high test score would compensate for it. I was planning on applying Early Decision I but the next SAT and ACT exam days are not until December, and I’m afraid that applying late will push me to the back of the “queue.” Do they even have a queue? Are applications reviewed as they’re submitted or does the school wait until the deadline? Should I just apply now?

There is a big difference at UC, from what I can remember, between ED and RD rates. Check them out to verify. These days , a bird in the hand is worth a lot more than the flock in the bushes. I’d go ahead and apply ED1. If you are deferred, and your test scores are to your advantage, submit for RD.

If UChicago is your first choice but you aren’t ready to apply ED1, why not retake in December and apply ED2? You really should not apply before you are ready to submit your strongest application. By the way, like most elite schools, they are looking for top academic performers. It’s not at all clear that a top test score will make up for a lackluster transcript, especially in the solids.