Does ucla nursing use senior semester 1 GPA during admission

because ucla nursing app are due January 15, does that mean that they take ur senior semester 1 gpa to help see if you get admitted into the nursing program? i know they don’t put it in the 10-11 gpa, but do they look at it separately and see it as something that can help you get into the nursing program? thank you to anyone who can answer this for me!:heart::heart:??:heart:??

The UC application is due November 30th which includes your grades and academic history. The supplemental is due January 15th which includes a Statement of Purpose, Resume and two Recommendation Forms. Grades are not included in the supplemental so NO Senior grades are not considered.

okay thank you so much!

To add on to @Gumbymom - your senior year grades are not considered for admission; however, if you fail a class then the UCs (in this case, UCLA) has the option to resciend your acceptance if you’ve been admitted. So although they technically do not use it for admission, you still want to keep your grades up. Don’t let that senior slump get to you!