does what hospital you do clinical work matter?

<p>Hey guys, </p>

<p>I have an option of applying to a clinical internship at the Ronald Reagen Hospital (ucla) or a community based hospital closer to my home. (It's the same internship, just at different hospitals). I commute to school so doing it at the one closer to my home would be easier for me. I was wondering if where you do your clinical work matters. Since the Reagen Center is ranked as one of hte best in the nation, would it be smarter to do the internship there? Would medical schools prefer this? Thanks!</p>

<p>The difference would be minimal except for any connections that might help you in applying to UCLA or other associated med schools.</p>

<p>The smaller hospital probably has more for you to do since funding may be more limited (i.e., they have to rely more upon volunteer labor).</p>

<p>^ exactly - not sure what the internship is, but you'll likely get to do more at the community hospital.</p>