Dorm sneak in?

I’m trying to sneak my two best friends into goodman hall. Is there anyone that can help me out as I’ve never done this before. They’re from Rutgers and they never have issues with this but I feel as if though the RAs here take their jobs too seriously and it’ll be hard.

no, the RA’s are DOING their job. You could get kicked of residence if you are caught. Philly is a high crime city and your breaking the rules will ne taken seriously.

What does that have to do with anything? If I’m paying well over the worth of the dorm room I should have a say in if I can have people over or not. Paying for dorm and food is mantatory and ridiculous as it is and now I can’t have people over?

You have to adhere to the rules. Why do you not want to sign them in? Are you looking at an overnight stay that is against the rules?

You agreed to the rules when you moved in. That’s part of being an adult.

What you are asking is against the rules which other posters here have told you. The purpose of this site is not to assist people in breaking the rules. Closing thread.