Double Major in Dance and Business?

<p>Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on colleges that have great academics and a great dance program. My mom wants me to go to a good college, while I want to make sure the college has a dance program that is up to par! Im hoping to major in both dance and business. I'm looking for something on the East Coast, and I already have an audition at Muhlenberg! I have grades to get into most colleges, just not any Ivies! Thanks in advance</p>

<p>Also, a side note. The colleges don’t necessarily have to have a major if they have an exceptional dance program in a minor or dance team! I just want a great dance education somewhere! Also, do you know if you can double major in dance and business at Fordham?</p>

<p>You can’t double major with dance at Fordham, but you can have a business minor and major in dance. I’m actually looking for the same combo (more marketing or possibly teaching rather than business)</p>

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<p>Remember to look at schools that have small enough business and dance major requirements so that you can double major without going to university for 6 years :)</p>

<p>It is possible at James Madison University in VA.</p>

<p>SMU came to mind.</p>

<p>Thank you all for your opinions! My mom is making me get a complete business degree though, so a minor in business would not be good enough for her! And yes, I want to get done in 4 years preferably! And I will check that school out, thanks! Any more suggestions?</p>

<p>Well it really depends if you want to double major or would be okay with a minor or dance team like you said. Also factors like size, location (how far, rural, city), come to mind. I mean I’m a rising senior which is what I assume you are and want to double major too and have looked at a lot of schools online, there’s a lot to consider.</p>

<p>One of my friends at TCU is also attempting a ballet and business double major. TCU is very competitive for dance, and though many students declare business as incoming freshman, many don’t make it into the business school because it’s just too competitive. Give TCU a look!</p>

<p>TCU looks great! Just way too far away! I want to stay on the East Coast</p>

<p>You might want to get a copy of the Dance Spirit Magazine College Guide. It gives an overview of most dance programs including type of dance offered (ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip-hop, etc), type of degree (BFA, BA, BS, etc), if the school allows a double major, and lots of other useful information. My daughter used that to narrow her choices down to 4 schools that have a well rounded program, a pre-Physical Therapy program, and potential for academic scholarships, specifically National Merit. She is going to audition at SUNY @ Buffalo, Muhlenberg, Pace, and Oklahoma City University. Oklahoma City is the only one of those that does not allow a double major.</p>

<p>I am going to plug my DD school one more time. She is a junior at Slippery Rock University. She is majoring in dance, minoring in Adaptive Physical Activity and will get her Master’s, hopefully by the time she is a senior in APA. SRU is very supportive of a double major - almost all the dance majors are dbl majors. The dorm has a dance studio in it to practice whenever you like. And the cost is affordable, even for out of state students which we are.</p>

<p>I will definitely pick up the magazine! I had been asking my mom to buy it for me! I have also looked at Slippery Rock before, and it looks great it’s just a little too far away from me for what I would like! I will check it out again though, may be worth the drive!</p>

<p>Hey!! :slight_smile: I’m currently a sophomore at Pace University in NYC!! We offer a BFA in Commercial Dance and though it’s almost impossible to double major with, we offer a minor in Business called the Arts and Entertainment Management minor! I just started taking classes for it this semester and I really am learning a lot!! The BFA program is intense dance training, but we also take Voice and Acting classes. The foundation of the program is ballet and jazz, but it’s supplemented with tap, hip hop, contemporary, and modern! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me! :)</p>

<p>Ohiodancer- Pace is on my daughter’s list. Can you share what you like about the program, including why you chose it, and what your 2nd choice was (or other programs you considered strongly)? Our daughter is in a dance company that focuses on modern, but they take 4 ballet classes per week, as well as jazz, contemporary, tap, and hip hop. They compete in all these styles, but there spring dance concert is all modern. She’s well rounded in all of these disciplines, dancing over 20 hours per week, so the Pace program seemed like a strong fit for her.</p>

<p>Yeah! Absolutely! :slight_smile: Not trying to sound cliche, but I love everything about this program!! Rhonda Miller, the director of the program, wants to make sure that every dancer succeeds. Commercial Dance refers to everything that is in the commercial world, be it broadway, the Rockettes, working with a company, or going the TV and film route. Rhonda believes in dancers being able to support themselves financially and still being able to do what they love. Our program is strongly based in ballet and jazz with other dance disciplines being considered as well, but we still take Acting, Theatrical Design, and Voice classes as well! Pace’s program offers dancers an opportunity to experience NYC while earning a college degree! Which puts you a step ahead of dancers that will be moving to the city after they graduate. So I guess with all of this said, Pace was my top choice because of all of the opportunity it offered me. :slight_smile: We’re allowed to audition while we’re in the program, freshman are offered the opportunity to perform (which isn’t always the case with college dance programs), and many of our faculty members are still working professionals that offer insight into the industry. Aside from Pace, the only other dance program I strongly considered was Ohio University because of the financial aid the offered to me as well as how close it was to home. They had a really strong program, but as soon as I came to NYC to audition, I knew this is where I needed to be! Sorry for the long reply, I hope this helped!</p>

<p>Thanks Ohiodancer. Very helpful.</p>

<p>Not a problem!! Let me know if you guys have any other questions!! :)</p>

<p>Hi! Thanks for all the input! I was wondering how hard it would be for me to double major at pace university? It is on my list but the double major would also be a very high priority! And, I also was wondering if the school is a lot of commuters!</p>

<p>Hey dancer6! As far as double majoring at Pace goes, with the BFA course requirements, it’s pretty much impossible to double major with the BFA program - which is what you’re going to find with most universities. With the schedule that the BFA program consists of, I personally wouldn’t want to double major because there wouldn’t be enough time to get anything done. I would recommend though declaring a minor in whatever subject interests you - which for me, happens to be business. Pace does technically have a lot of “commuters” since some students eventually rent apartments. All of my friends and I still dorm though and they’re really nice!! :slight_smile: Pace just opened up a new dorm residence on Broadway which is pretty exciting!! :)</p>