Doubling in Music and Drawing/Design

Hello, World! Currently rushing up on my prescreening recordings for applications for Berklee and NEC, UW Madison, Welesley, Oberlin and other schools that have a strong lean towards Jazz/Composition and are in places that flourish with music more than allergies in Spring. At the same time, many of my music friends have gone to Lawrence, and are generally recommending it. 

So, I’m considering it too. I live in Madison, Senior, play piano, Jazz Organ, Analog Synths(have only one+ Ableton), Trombone, Euphonium. Some experience with Trumpet, but it’s got ways to go. Anyways, unlike all of my friends, I am leaning more towards Composition/Solo work rather than Ensemble Performance. And, I am also a serious artist, applying for scholastics.
Soooo, asking students, parents and people who know stuff: Would Lawrence be a good option for Jazz/Composition with a side dish/Double-Major in Art. Especially, how strong is Lawrence in its Art Department? My best reasons for applying right now are recommendations, awesome Trombone teachers, in-State Tuition.
Many thanks!

Hi @Poklyak_Chap Oberlin and Lawrence are probably your best options for double degree from that list. Lawrence does have a studio arts program. I know nothing about that program but Lawrence’s philosophy seems to be very welcoming to those students who are multi-interested.

I recommend heading over to the music board if you want to talk music programs. That board is more responsive. My kid is applying to Lawrence double degree program right now. So maybe some current students/families will weigh in with more information for you. We have been exploring Lawrence about a year looking at college options and I’m very impressed with both the conservatory and the academics.

Agree with MusakParent’s post, Lawrence is very supportive of double major/ multi interested students.
Lawrence is a private University though so no difference in tuition for in state students.

@MusakParent Yes, you’re right! I also consider Oberlin. But from what I’ve seen(mostly on this forum), Oberlin is known more for it’s classical music+liberal arts double degree rather than for Jazz and Art. What I really care about is simply having the time/opportunity to do both Music and Art. Right the ration is about 4:1, and is fairly balanced in respect to my talents/skills. This is why I’m a bit afraid of Berklee/NEC- they emphasize strictly on one thing, and I know they can be very tough on their students. For me, giving up art is not an option ;(