Dreams, Ideas, Plans, Everything for Boarding School 2021

(This is the 2021 version from a similarly named thread from 2017 by @booksandfries)

What are your dream schools? Ambitions, goals, classes you want to take? Dorm room ideas? Anything else you want to share about your excitement about anything related to boarding schools?

This is a free space to talk about any of this!

I’ll start: Right now, my top three schools are Putney, Miss Porter’s, and St. Mark’s. I LOVE Putney’s campus. It’s very surrounded by nature and very cozy and warm with cabins and treehouse-looking dorms and alpacas and gardens and the town of Putney not too far away. I read some comments on boardingschoolreview.com and some people mentioned a co-op and a thrift shop near the school and I think it could be super fun to go out with friends on a weekend and walk around town. Also I feel like I mention this a lot, but if I go to Putney I think I’ll be so excited for project weeks. I’ve looked at all of the projects on their website and there are so many cool ones and I have some ideas: things like creating a language, designing clothes, writing an AI chatbot that uses your messages to mimic the way you talk, researching Latin satire and writing some of my own, and so much more!!! It seems like a super free time to explore and learn what you want. My only concern about Putney is the rigor/academic environment, but I think I could learn more about that if I ended up sitting in on a virtual class or something like that.

Also Miss Porter’s TIE program seems so cool–there’s such a large variety of classes I want to take, and an AI cocurricular? Amazing. I didn’t even realize it, but three of the schools I’m applying to have farms–Hotchkiss, NMH, and Putney. Honestly could see myself working on a farm in the future!!

To be honest, I haven’t really thought about dorm life as much, since I feel like it’ll vary based on what school I end up going to, but I know a lot of other people might have huge plans for dorms so I’ll open it up to you!


Oh boi, after all the love I gave the schools hopefully the rejection doesn’t come =(

I have 2 schools that I love. Andover and Hotchkiss (and they’re also my top 2 interviews =P)

I love Andover for the fact that it’s a big school. There’s a huge pool of people that you can choose to be friends with, and also a lot of things to do because of so many different interests. I love how its really close to the town, and also really close to Boston (I love cities! If I attend, I don’t expect on going there often though =/) From what I’ve seen, Andover also seems to have a more community-ish atmosphere than a lot of the other academically-focused schools (but I won’t know because I’ve never visited). Also, they have an organ and cool sports YAY (I know other schools have organs and cool sports too). Honestly one thing that drew me in was how relaxed their guidelines for dorms were, like how (I’ve heard) some smaller dorms don’t enforce lights out, and also 3 room doubles larger than my apartment :’) Everyone there seemed so nice and even though I know its so academically stressful and competitive I feel that I will have friends who will hold it out with me. (Also, CelebrASIANNNNNNNNNNN POG)

I love Hotchkiss because it’s a smaller school, with a much closer community (I mean c’mon, where else do you get to see teachers befriend students? Couldn’t be my school, no shade.) Also they have SAILING. I feel like everyone was just so welcoming and it seemed so much less stressful and competitive compared to the other schools! Also the interviewer liked me a lot (maybe?), so I really wished I didn’t rush my essay :’( too late to fix it now.

Overall, blue schools pog, and I want a blue dorm room (preferably sky/galaxy/ocean themed, but nature or cities are d o p e too)

If I go to Exeter, I wanna take their Art 203 (Includes fashion, industrial, and architectural design) course.

If I go to Choate, I want to go to their Lorem Ipsum club and take (way too many) signature programs, and they have a REALLY PRETTY CAMPUS

If I go to Lville, I want to go to their travel program (I swear they have a travel program for everywhere!!)

Deerfield also has REALLY PRETTY NATURE SCENERY LOL, and also a REALLY PRETTY CAMPUS, and also love how they balance subjects (capstone program!)

I’m still trying to calm my excitement for BS though, just trying to prepare not to cry too much when M10 comes =(

Good luck to everyone!!

Just so you know-- St Mark’s does their Lion Term in conjunction with a local organic farm adjacent to campus. DS did his project there one year-- so you actually have another school that has access/affiliation with a farm!

I have a few schools I really love! I think my top may be Deerfield. I love how classic and traditional it is, it is definitely what comes to mind when I think of NE boarding school, dress code included lol. I love their campus, history, and tradition. I also love how much school spirit they have and how amazing their sports and facilities are. Similar to Deerfield I like Hotchkiss a lot too for many similar reasons, however to me it feels less traditional if that makes any sense? I also really love Miss Porter’s although I had envisioned myself in a coed setting and not all girl. However it is definitely a gem and full of history too and I like that it is a bit more relaxed. It seems very welcoming and supportive. I could see myself there as well. I also really like Taft and it makes me think of college life (I cannot explain why) except they do not have swimming, which is not a deal breaker but I wish they did.

For dorms I definitely have been dreaming about mine. I think I want to go the boarding school prep route in decor for sure - gimme all the roller rabbit bedding and bright pink or blue wall art. I’m also really excited to prep for dorm life provided I get an acceptance.

Welp. I’m applying to 4 schools (yes I know, very narrow list). I’ll talk about the schools in order of preference.

  1. St. Paul’s School: Ok I really want to get into St. Paul’s School! First of all, they actually have an alpine ski team!!! This is literally the only school I know of that actually has an alpine ski team. Secondly, I think the interview for St. Paul’s went a lot better than the others, giving me a better impression of the school. Third, also the Fine Arts program which is basically a visual arts program. Fourth, it’s 100% residential so I’ll have lifelong friends! There’s also Benedict Eggs Sunday and GOOD FOOD. Lastly, the campus is beautiful. 2,000 acres for about 550 students! Despite all this, I’m worried about the academic rigor though, because I’ve heard people pull all-nighters just to do homework (yes, I know every school has academic rigor so you don’t need to point that out. It’s just that I DON’T WANT TO PULL ALL-NIGHTERS AKKSSJKAJSJDJD). I’ve never visited the campus either, so I don’t know how the community would be like. There are also Saturday classes…

  2. Phillips Academy Andover: This would be my top choice school if I actually had a chance of getting accepted. I literally flunked my interviews and essays. However, it’s a great school! I’m just biased because I know Andover won’t love me back :’). Anyways, I love it because of their dedication to community service. The adults there seem to have a strong connection with the students! The Andover-Lawrence Strings Program seems awesome!! I get to combine violin and community service together (I love it)! Their orchestra program is also really cool!! They have several orchestras according to level. Additionally, THEY HAVE A MATH TEAM FOR DOING COMPETITIONS AND A NORDIC SKI TEAM!!! :open_mouth: As much as I want to get into the school, there are plenty of people more qualified than me who deserve to attend this amazing school, and I wish you the best of luck!

  3. Phillips Exeter Academy: If I get accepted, I would be ecstatic. Literally. They have SO many community service programs, just like Andover. I’ve also seen videos on YouTube about Exeter and it seems so homey and right. They also use a lot of Harkness, which I think is a really cool method of teaching!! And the food is good.

  4. Choate Rosemary Hall: Ok, even though this is last on my list, I STILL LOVE IT! The yearly traditions like cardboard boat racing seem so FUN! Their arts program is outstanding with the Arts Concentration Program. They even have robotics! Even though Choate doesn’t have a competitive ski team, they have a skiing and snowboarding club, which is good enough for me.

In conclusion, I love every single school and if I get into at least one of them, I’ll be so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so happy.


I just want to try crew!

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