Drexel - Class of 2024

My son applied with these stats:

GPA: 4.0
SAT: 1380

Good luck to us all!!

I applied with a 4.2W, 3.6UW, 1400 SAT. Drexel is private so they don’t take OOS into account thankfully. I’m also a legacy which should help my chances.

If you look at your CSS profile, it says the Drexel FA award date is 12/16 for EA.

We can only wait.

do you know when the decisions come out?

they should come out mid-december for EA applicants

I think decisions come out this Monday, good luck to all!

By any chance do you know if there is a time listed?

It looks like last year decisions came out around 2:30 EST

good luck to everyone

If youre like me and have a sneaking suspicion that decisions wont be coming out today, the CSS profile still says that financial aid awards will be given today, so at least thats some comfort

Does anyone know if they send an email?

Yes. They will send an email. It is also not coming out until tomorrow. My friends mom works at Drexel and asked.

Actually someone just got a portal update?? So keep checking ig??

I think they might not be allowed to confirm what day it is or something. Their twitter is really vague right now.

Decisions are out. I got accepted.


3.25 wGPA
3.13 uwGPA
1300 SAT

Don’t have any financial aid info posted yet but hopefully that comes soon

Accepted! Political science major! No financial aid info posted as of yet.

@vixpixal the financial/merit aid should be under the “financial tab” on the main page where the “your application has been received” message was

Accepted! 1400 SAT, 4.2W, 3.6UW. $30,000 in merit!!!

Accepted. 3.82, 1480, varsity rowing, Eagle Scout, 36,000 per year merit scholarship.