Drexel University- Class of 2025 Admissions

Hello! starting this post for all of you waiting to hear from Drexel (like us). As I understand, EA decisions go out in early-mid December. Good luck, and post here if you’ve heard the exciting news!


Hey! I also applied EA and am hoping that these next two weeks go by fast hahaha. Good luck!

Hi! I applied early action for their biology program! I’m so anxious but also super excited :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your interest in and application to our undergraduate program in Biomedical Engineering at the School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems at Drexel University . We are looking forward to welcoming our 2021 incoming class.

The final evaluation of applications is almost complete and admissions decisions should be available in a few days.

In the meantime, please review our new interactive e-brochure for additional information and program highlights that may be of interest to you:

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On the discover Drexel portal, it says they’ll come out around the 15th. Do you think it will be before that date?

@streetrandom5 If you log into your CSS profile account, it says “Award Letter date” for Drexel as 12/14/2020, so my guess was that they would be releasing decision and award packages on the 14th. I hope that it’s sooner than that though hahah

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oh wow ok! thank you!

Award letter date I also see it updated , does mean accepted ? Just curious :laughing:

I was wondering the same thing!

seems generic update to me

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I just checked. My D’s has just an update that says: The Early Action admission decisions will be released around December 15. Make sure to check back soon to see an update on your application.

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@glitter21 i saw that too! I keep checking to see if it’s updated even though I know it’s not. On the CSS profile, it says financial aid awards will be sent out on the 14th so I doubt they’d send those without the decisions being released. I’m guessing we’ll find out the 14th or before


Applied for BS/ MD program but do not see any such updates except for receiving an email from Bio Med dean around welcoming 2025 students and sharing their program in general

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See on Drexel Admissions Twitter a link to Instagram with video of acceptance letters ready to be mailed. Should be soon. Good luck everyone!


Anybody receive acceptances yet, today, yesterday? Or have any release info? Thanks!

I think they’re supposed to come out on Monday.


They said that it will be released in the 15th but on the CSS profile, it says the 14th. Any day now!

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Son received his acceptance today.

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Nice, from the portal?

yes it’s in the portal. Good luck