Drexel University- Class of 2025 Admissions

I really don’t know what it’s based on. The website says superior academic performance.

My daughter was accepted for Engineering.
Congrats to everyone!

My daughter was accepted to engineering as well, mechanical with 3 co ops.

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was accepted as a psych major, founder’s scholarship with 17.4k yearly and direct loan of 5.5k. this seems like it’s really low. i had an act of 35 and a gpa of 3.7 unweighted (had a bad year that knocked it down)

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anyone know how much we can earn from the co-op program of Drexel. I just got in and my fin aid is $43k, but I still couldnt afford:(((

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Got in with 32k off but still can’t afford Drexel. welp. we’ll see.

Depends on your area of study. For CS, for example, the 25 percentile pay is $20, and the 75 percentile is $26.
Check out this link:

I’m wondering the same, if financial aid changes every year.

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Got in and till gotta pay 5k per semester

Anyone know when Honors college will be decided?

My daughter was accepted, with a Dean’s scholarship, for information systems. Not likely to attend given the vast difference between total cost and the offered merit, unfortunately.

The website says that if you apply for the Honors College by Jan 4, you’ll find out if you got it by Jan 30th. If you apply by Feb 1, you’ll find out in late March.

I also got accepted into Nursing, and got 12.9K scholarship. Idk if I want to go haha

Wondering how factor co-op into total cost of attendance. He applied for just one co-op. Does that mean one quarter/trimester less in cost?

I contacted Drexel today. The scholarship and the grant amounts remain the same each year.

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Thank you @rosecrosby179 That’s helpful! If my daughter’s grant goes down it would be a problem.

Does anyone know how Honors College acceptances are shared? Will it be via the portal or in email?

Does Drexel have a rolling admission policy for RD? If not, what is the date that they give the decisions? If Yes, what is the usual turn around time to hear a decision? TIA.