Drexel vs Charleston

I know they are vastly different, but DD is torn between going to the South to a school where there’s a lot of typical sorority and party college stuff going on or Drexel which is more for those looking to have a more rigorous quarter system and co-ops. Anyone know anything about either? Communications. And cost isn’t the issue.

I’d let her pick the school which has the environment she feels is the best fit.


I have a son at College of Charleston and we live in the area, happy to answer any specific questions. You can pm me.

The communications department has great professors and there are many internships in the area. They do projects for non-profits sometimes which I have participated in.

Classes are fairly small in size and registration has been very smooth each year.

They are building a new dorm next year so housing for upperclassmen is a little messy, but freshmen are set.

Charleston is not a huge urban area, but it is a city. There are green spaces and lots going on at the college and in the city.

Good luck!

That’s what she’s torn about. I don’t have an opinion.

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Communication is a tough field. Might Drexel give a leg up ? Don’t know but I’d follow up with them and find out about Co-op placement and outcomes.

What jobs they are doing during school and where does that lead after ?

I’ve got a C of C student. I think In general communication is a tough major from anywhere ( I was journalism at Syracuse). It’s why I’m wondering if co-op can be a difference maker.