Dropping a class after acceptance?

<p>I've just been accepted to a handful of schools and in my applications I said I would be taking and online math class along with my regular classes this year. Now, after already getting accepted to several schools my online class is becoming more difficult and getting in the way of my normal school work. If I drop the class It will show as being "withdrawn failing." ...the rest of my grades this year are all much better than they have been in previous years, do you think that this fact could offset the impact of dropping my online class? What are the chances colleges will change their minds about my acceptance if I drop my online math class?</p>

<p>They could. If I were you I wouldn't drop it.</p>

<p>I added another class and tried to drop one. I called my college. The school said I couldn't drop it without "decreasing academic rigor" and then told me a decrease in academic rigor is cause for being rescinded. You can call the schools and ask, it probably depends on the school.</p>

<p>The best way to get an answer that you can rely on is to call the admissions offices of the colleges that have accepted you, explain your situation, and ask them.</p>