DU EA class of 2025

Just a little something to make the wait more interesting, I’m sure! :rofl:


I think ED came out last Monday, the 7th, so my bet is EA will come out this Monday, the 14th. Have a great weekend. Another lock down for the Bay Area, we are bummed.

I did hear somewhere that EA announces on Monday but now I have no idea where I heard that

Guidance counselor talked to admissions and they said 12/14


Just checked my daughter’s. It looks different, too. It has heading and checklist but nothing about reviewing anymore. Did anyone do an interview? My daughter had a virtual visit with her school counselor and some other classmates. She emailed to request an informational interview several times but got no response.

No interview here. Really no contact with anyone in the admissions office directly but D did do a few virtual events and a virtual tour.

No interview here either.

If it is tomorrow does anyone know what time? Good luck to everyone!

The past couple of years, it looks like the decisions went out in the evening. I have no idea if that means anything for this year! :grinning: Wishing everyone the best!


does DU normally release at ~5 MT ?

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Someone in the Zeemee class said around 4 MT, but I’m not sure where that time came from. I also emailed undergrad admissions and they said decisions would be released “sometime this week”. Hopefully today though!


Do we think DU early action decisions are coming out tonight?

I think so. I wouldn’t be completely surprised if they weren’t though.

I think it would make a lot of sense for it to come out tonight, based on past years, but honestly who knows

That’s my thought too. I also saw that decisions were released around 5 MT in years past, so If they are released tonight it will probably be between 6-7 EST.

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Anyone else have their checklist disappear? D’s has been gone since Friday.

yes, i think most (if not everyone’s) has disappeared

I still have my checklist, I hope that isnt a bad sign :frowning:

you are definitely fine! at least one other person on this thread still had their checklist.

My daughter’s checklist is still there. :blush: