DU EA class of 2025

Starting this thread to keep track of EA decisions! D21 applied EA but we have not had a chance to visit. If she’s admitted, we might try to get out to Denver in January. Good luck to all!

D21 also applied EA. We are hoping to visit over her spring break in March, along with a few other schools to which she has applied that we’ve been unable to visit. Good luck, everyone!

Thanks for starting this thread. My son applied EA as well…and we also have not visited. I am hoping that we can go in early 2021 and maybe they will offer some kind of tour. I am curious what appealed to your seniors about DU.

D21 is looking for a mid-sized suburban college that will allow her to take classes in the liberal arts but also dip into some business classes. She’d also like big school spirit. DU’s lacking a football team is a bummer but we hear hockey is super fun. It is a safety for her and it’s lacking a dance program which she would also like. But the location is great, campus looks pretty from the virtual tour, has low key Greek life which is a plus. It’s also an easy flight from Chicago. We’ve visited CO many times as a family and always enjoy it. I think it’s a good match for her and checks a good number of her boxes.

D is looking for a mid-sized school with good Psych and Comm programs (she’s planning to double major). She’s also an avid skier (she’s on her high school alpine ski team), snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast. We’ve had several friends whose kids have gone to DU and loved it, and there’s a lot about what they’ve shared with her that really appeals to her. She doesn’t anticipate joining the Greek system, so also looking for schools where Greek life doesn’t comprise the majority of social experiences.

Daughter applied EA to Korbel for international relations. She’s excited about the beautiful weather, skiing, size of school and reputation of Korbel. It looks like EA may have heard back last year the week before Christmas. Good luck, everyone!

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Anyone else expecting them to release decisions tonight? Also - does anyone know if they typically release merit with acceptance decisions or if it comes later?

In the DU 2025 ED thread, someone mentioned that they were hoping for ED decisions to come out tonight or tomorrow. Based on threads from last year, it looks like the EA decisions came out about a week later than ED. Take all that speculation for what it’s worth! :grinning: I have no idea about when they let you know about financial/merit. My daughter applied EA in Political Science and is very excited for decisions to come out soon! Good luck to everyone!


My son is a Junior at DU and absolutely loves it there. Merit aid amount was released with his admission decision. I’m assuming they will do it the same this year. Good luck to all!


Does DU send out an email a few days before the decision is released? Or should we all just check our portal each day?

My S also applied EA and for some reason, I remember seeing December 15 as decision day, but now I cannot find it. I may have confused DU with another school though. Anyway, we have visited twice and my son fell in love with the campus as soon as he stepped on it. It’s his #1 choice, but we need to see if merit money comes in to make it doable for us, so he did not apply ED.


I applied EA, and I just checked my portal and it used to say “We look forward to reviewing to your application!” and now that’s gone, does that mean anything? I know ED decisions came out on the 8th, not sure where that puts EA.

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I just checked and D’s portal looks different too. No longer has a checklist.

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Just checked my daughter’s, but it looks the same. (She applied EA as well.).

Does it say Welcome to your DU application status page at the top?

Yes. It has had that heading for a while. Is that there for yours?

Yes, I still have the checklist as well. The only part that’s missing is the part about reviewing my application.

So odd. Checklist and everything else looks the same for my daughter’s. I looked back through previous threads. Two years ago they released the EA decisions around 12/10, then last year it was around 12/19. So I have no idea when they might come out this year! :grinning:


Usually they come out exactly a week after ED, which was released kn the 8th. Maybe around the 15th for EA?

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Yes it still has that heading but no checklist. Who knows.