dual degree

<p>i'm heading to college in about a month and scheduling information has come out. I'm attending the university of pennsylvania and since they make it so easy to do dual-degrees, i'm very interested in doing one. I'm in the engineering school for now and planning on majoring in computer science. </p>

<p>I was wondering, which of the following majors/minors would be a good choice for a dual-degree with computer science? and besides engineering itself what sort of options would I be able to get out of school?</p>

Political Science
Digital Media Design</p>

American Public Policy
Consumer Psychology
Engineering Entrepreneurship</p>

<p>the college of arts and sciences/wharton interdisciplinary minors are actually very interesting to me and i think it would be nice to take advantage of wharton since it's so prestigious. thoughts? thanks!</p>

<p>Finance [10 char]</p>

<p>I'd go with digital media design. Being the programming guy and the art/design guy is extremely valuable.</p>

<p>Psychology might be a good one if you end up doing any HCI or AI work.</p>

<p>Engineering entrepreneurship might be good, too, as it may give you the tools you need to start your own business.</p>

<p>highly highly recommend penn's engineering entrepreneurship minor</p>