Duke Application

<p>I have applied to Duke University Early Decision, and sent in all my parts, but on their website, half the things are marked as "not received", even though they were mailed in weeks, and in one case, months ago. When I called and asked, they reassured me that it takes time to log things, yet with the deadline for early decision long past, I am starting to get worried. Has anyone else that applied to Duke had a similar problem?</p>

<p>I would say give them a little more time to let the dust settle and file things appropriately. They're probably swamped with such a high volume of applications, but if you keep checking their website and they don't have it all in the next few weeks, you could probably call again.</p>

<p>I'm applying to Wake RD, and my GC sent it off Oct. 20 - they haven't even confirmed receiving any of it yet. We're waiting till Monday and then calling, because they're so busy with ED applicants right now.</p>