Duke ED 2026


i’m a high school junior from india currently doing ib.
i plan on applying ED to duke for an economics major(finance concentration);(class of 2026)

i’d just like some general advice with respect how i can tailor my application specifically to meet the requirements of duke, in terms of ECs, grades, and essays? i’ve been building my application profile for over a year now, but i can tell it still requires a decent amount of work. so i’d like to spend my summer wisely and not spend it on something that wouldn’t bolster my application.

any help/tips/guidance would be greatly appreciated!

What do you think needs work on?

i feel like i don’t have anything that stands out? as in, my application doesn’t have a wow factor yet.

Having strong, truthful essays will help you stand out for AO’s. Doing things outside of your major might help as well (like a physics major competing in a short story competition). Obviously don’t do anything just because “it looks good for colleges”.

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