Duke RD 2025 Interview

I applied before the priority deadline (dec. 20), but on the Duke portal, it says received on Dec.21 which is past the deadline. I’m wondering if that’s maybe why I didn’t get an interview request yet or is it just based on availability? Would you guys mind sharing if you did or did not get a request yet?

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My son also applied on December 20 and it also says that his application was received on December 21. He has not received an interview request with a 4.0 GPA and 1570 SAT.
If you go to their Portal, it should accurately reflect the date when you applied as the 20th.
I am hoping they have not gotten to people that applied just before their deadline.

Have heard DUKE is a college you can get in with above-average stats and with loads of cash (willing to pay full cost). Not sure if this statement is true.

I applied mid November and still haven’t received an interview request (4.8 WGPA, 1550 SAT). It’s probably just based on availability.

I applied on Dec. 20 (as the portal said so) and still got no interviews yet. Some of my other universities have already informed me of one. Wondering if they have too many applicants this year.

My son got an email for interview but didn’t see it for a week because it was from a personal address and he was only looking for school emails. Lesson learned. He has connected with interviewer now. Hopefully the delay won’t hurt him. It’s a reach school (4.02/1510) but every little bit helps. So check messages folks!

That’s lucky! Hope he did well. Sadly, I did not find any messages coming from personal address either. Guess still have to wait.

My daughter got an email for an alumni interview on Jan 4th, she had her interview this week. As someone else said, the email came from a personal email, so it is easy to miss. We live in Phoenix.

For the record, your stats have absolutely zero impact on if you get an interview or not. It’s simply based on when you applied and availability in the area. Applications SOARED this year and alumni have busy lives (particularly in current circumstances), so there may simply be a delay in reaching out. Duke does try to give out as many interviews as possible. Interviews are supposed to be done by February 15, so there is still time.

And, yes, alumni may email from their personal email (they don’t work for the admissions office…although could get an alumni email address) but it should be a pretty clear subject like “Duke Interview” and is a personal note that shouldn’t get sent to spam, so not sure why people would miss it.

As an interviewer myself, I often have students ignore my note though and then I follow-up a few days later. I then try to call leaving a voicemail if no answer and/or text them. (I used to call first) If my 3+ attempts fail, I give up. Please try to be respective of the alumni volunteers and respond (and send a quick thank you email afterwards - rarely do I get one these days, it could set you apart). We’re all just trying to give back to the university and do it because of our love of Duke and desire to interact with young promising individuals who may be good fits for Duke.

Good luck!


The interview was great and such a nice personal touch. The emails sometimes get lost in the shuffle this year in particular because they get 40+emails a day from schools still soliciting applications or updating their info. Then all the zoom links for school classes or extracurricular and all assignments from school come through. He does a daily search now for keywords and deletes emails but his school is handling zoom school poorly and he has been sitting at the computer most days 8am-11pm or later to complete work.

As for the phone, they have been sort of trained to ignore strange phone numbers so texting and voicemail are helpful. The election calls for newly registered voters were aggressive. But it all worked out and a great lesson in checking messages and the importance of following up and communicating. These are the important life skills and we appreciate the time taken.

Received an email today to schedule an interview. Already accepted ED elsewhere but they still hadn’t removed us from the system.

I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but it has been 3 days and my interviewer still hasn’t responded to my response. I followed up again this morning but no luck. What should I do? I told him that my preferred interview date is in two days.

Ours got back to us within hours after telling her we needed to decline.

Wait for now, follow-up again in a day or two. If they gave you a phone number, try texting. I have the opposite problem in that I had an applicant reply (after my SECOND email) saying he’s interested, but I’m getting no replies yet for the last three days when I ask him on times even though I replied within minutes to his initial reply…harumph.

Thanks for the help! He responded earlier today!

Is there anyone else who applied by the priority deadline and hasn’t gotten an interview request yet?


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Yeah I applied on the day of the deadline and haven’t gotten any requests, but on their website it says pretty much not to worry until second week of Feb.

“Unfortunately, we cannot offer interviews to all candidates. Candidates who do not hear from an interviewer by November 20 (Early Decision) or the second week of February (Regular Decision) are welcome to submit an additional recommendation in place of the interview. Your chances of admission won’t be affected adversely if we are unable to offer you an interview, nor will they be affected if you choose not to send an extra recommendation.”


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Thanks for the information!

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As an update I just received my interview. My interviewer called me on the phone…What a surprise