Duke University Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Hi everyone,

I didn’t see a thread so created this one for RD applicants to Duke!
Best of luck to everyone!

P.S This post is now under Duke University rather than “College Admissions”

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Lets see how it goes! Applying Poli Sci, thought my interview went well, interviewer was very nice

@Lvs232643 Cool. It´s too bad that not everyone gets the opportunity to be interviewed. It must be a very interesting experience.

I absolutely love Duke!! I had my interview a few weeks ago and it went amazing, so I am helping that will help my chances. Best of luck to everyone!


What kind of questions did they ask? I have mine in 2 days.

My D was not offered an interview so I cannot help you.

You are more likely to get an anwer posting your question at

Good luck!

My daughter had hers last week and it was the shortest interview she had; she felt they were asked to stick to around 30 minutes. It was also less in depth, more like a friendly, light “get to know you” and “Do you have any questions?” I think having a good elevator pitch for “tell me about yourself” is a great way to begin. Then they asked her what she did for fun, about her ECs, and had she been to Duke, who in her family had gone to Duke, (grandfather to medschool which I don’t think counts.) Had she vistited the campus, and of course, what about Duke interested her. It was a positive experience and she was then able to ask the interviewer some questions as well. Hope that helps a bit.

This was so helpful! Thanks so much

does anyone know when decisions are coming out?

end of march/beginnig of April maybe?

@damao7 The last years decision date for Duke was always on the last Thursday of March, so my bet is March, 25.

Does Duke have anything like a “likely letter” that some other schools?

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Yes, they do.

For regular decision? Or athletes only? When would those come out?

They are mostly sent to athletes, but like most selective private institutions, they send a handful to their best applicants anywhere from mid-February to mid-March. By a handful I mean about 100 or so.

FWIW, Duke does take into account grad school alumni for undergraduate admission.

Curious…any updates on when RD will be released? My son was deferred during ED and we are all getting anxious waiting as so many kids have committed. I guess worst case 31 days to wait? :crossed_fingers:

Wondering the same thing. Duke usually releases on Ivy Day, but I hope that isn’t the case this year as Ivy Day is April 6th.

website says late March so I doubt they will wait until 4/6

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Yes probably end of March, Ivy League colleges decided to take one more week to make decisions due to the large increase in the number of applicants this year. So Duke will probably release decisions before the Ivys.