E-book format

<p>Does anybody have any idea what format the bookstore's Ebooks come in? I've called the bookstore a couple times and no one seemed to know.</p>

<p>The textbook is one that will likely never be highlighted. I know rental is probably a better option but I want to justify the purchase of a new Kindle since the price has really come down.</p>

<p>Please don't turn this into a fanboy cult thread -- I already have an iPad and I know Darden didn't think much of the Kindle. I'm really just interested in whether the format is something that is better read (or can only be read) on a laptop.</p>


<p>Does the iPad let you do the same kinds of things a windows tablet does? I know you can highlight/circle/etc on a tablet, any kind of document at all. But if you don't need to highlight, I dunno, does it matter -- you could just read it on any computer? Are you expected to bring it to class???</p>

<p>I think there's a bookstore manager on College Confidential. Maybe s/he would know better than the person who answered your phone call?</p>