EA Class 2024

My D20 applied EA to Wooster and is anxious to hear back (knowing it will be late December). We went up this weekend to visit and found everyone to be very friendly and the campus looked well maintained. I’m not sure where it ranks on her list but she said that if it ended up being the most affordable of the private LA colleges that she’s applying to, she would go.

Did she apply for the College Scholar Award? If not, you’re looking at probably hearing back much earlier than late Dec. Last year, EA started rolling out Nov. 20th. Even w/ CS, I’d say around the 22nd of Dec.

Nov 20th is quite fast for the decisions to start coming in given that the deadline for EA was Nov 5.

Yep, it is. But most of the kids who heard back that early last year had submitted Sept-Oct. Mine didn’t hear back that early last year, but he’d also submitted for the College Scholar. Those kids hear back last of all the EA kids, and well after… last year the CS kids heard back Dec 20.

My D is submitting her EA app this week. She did already hear back from two other LAC’s that she applied to EA on 11/1 so they really do seem to turnaround these applications pretty quickly. Both of those took less than a week.

Mine applied ED and heard back late last last week (with good news). She had been told by her AO that she would hear no later than 11/15 so she had been hoping to hear before the 15th which was the advertised notification date for ED. So as @ChaosParent23 said, hopefully, the EA kids will hear very soon too.

@bluemoon2020 Congrats to your DD!! I hope she loves it as much as I did.

@ChaosParent23 Thank you!!! She is very excited!

Yes - she is applying for the College Scholar award. We went up for the required interview. I am not telling her that if she hadn’t applied for CS she would likely hear in the next week or two. It would likely drive her crazy! Good luck to everyone!

Does everyone get invited to apply for the College Scholar Award? My D just got an email today bout it and was just wondering if everyone receives it.

@MAmom111 No, only those w/ high stats. Here’s a link to all the Merit Awards, including CS. https://wooster.edu/admissions/scholarships/
Edited to add… I highly rec she submit, especially since she was personally contacted. It’s a big chunk of change for minimal effort. My S submitted for it last year and it took him about an hour.

What does it mean to be ‘invited’ to apply to CS? Is it a personal email or letter? My son got an email about it after submitting basic application, but not a personal one. We assumed it went to everyone who applied. He is not high stats, so did not apply for CS. Seemed extremely unlikely for him. Thx

Hi - Can I ask how she was notified? Was it in the portal or through snail or e-mail? We are definitely getting anxious. We=me, the parent.

@twodogsnight It was just an email. Had her name on it and just stated that “based on her academic record” she is a competitive candidate. Pretty generic which is why I was wondering if it got sent out to everyone. It’s not due until Jan 1st so I don’t think it will impact when she receives her admission decision.

@ShellstropFan If you are asking about the admissions decision, my daughter received an email letting her know her portal had been updated. Good luck!

My son heard tonight that he got in, with very nice merit award - in fact, slightly higher than early aid estimate. He applied EA, did not apply for CS. Very pleased. CoW is one of his top choices.

@twodogsnight Congratulations! Can I ask when he sent in his application? Did he get an email that his portal was updated to did you just check it?

@MAmom111 He submitted a few days before the end of October, and final reference was submitted about a week later. On my insistence, he checked portal (for the first time since creating account!) before seeing email — turns out he’d received an email to check portal about 2 hours prior. Good luck!

Congratulations @twodogsnight! We are hoping to hear before Christmas!

My son got his acceptance during the week before Thanksgiving. He was thrilled! Generous merit award came along with the acceptance. We will be visiting during accepted students day and for theater scholarship auditions.