EA Deferred at SMU - Any Recommendations?

Our daughter was accepted EA at TCU but deferred at SMU. She has submitted her first semester grades and another personal statement indicating SMU is her top choice. Any additional recommendations? Any idea what % of deferred students are accepted?

Not SMU specific ideas but take a tour if your local, maybe ask admissions counselor if there is anything else she could do to strengthen her application? Their on campus tours are outside only right now but at the conclusion of the tour our admissions counselor did come out and we got to have a very good and personal conversation with him. Sending you good vibes & good luck!

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From the past three years, I see that deferral decisions come out around March 8-11.

In addition to a last minute tour in case you haven’t already done that, do you have good first semester results to share? Any updated test score or awards? It’s probably not highly considered, but it’s another excuse to contact the admissions office. Also you might ask a question of the major/college recruiter. Make sure to open all emails from SMU because some schools track that.

I believe they really want to know if you’ll commit.