EA/ED Class of 2022

Feel free to share queries and stats here.

Anyone heard anything yet? Does anyone know when we should expect EA decisions? (I would think any minute now!)

Hopefully, we will hear this week.

It’s definitely mid-January, and in the past the notification date has been around Jan. 17-18…so I’m keeping an eye on my mailbox!

My daughter keeps checking her online portal too. Not sure if Centre announces via email/portal first…? Hopefully today! DD has to wait until late March for the rest of her colleges - she was deferred ED1 from her first choice. But Centre is an emerging “dark horse” on her list!

I got my letter today!! Be on the lookout. :slight_smile:

@Abibliophobia28 What state do you live in?

In my portal it states to view your decision letter click on view update above with nothing to click on. There is a candidate reply form box that does work when I click on it, but it says accept or decline by Feb. 1. I went EA so I have til May 1. There is the official Facebook class of 2022 to click on at the bottom. No mail yet, but would really like to see my decision letter. I did not get an email update either.

@Justinlistening23, my son’s portal is having the same issues as yours. Looks like Centre is still working through the kinks, but I’d say the signs you CAN see are positive.

Yes, I do. Just want to see it officially

Same here. No “View Update” button! LOL. But the link to accept/decline the offer is promising. Would like to see the official letter. We live in MA, so may take a little longer to get here. Do you suppose anyone has told the Admissions Office that their portal isn’t working?

I think they may know because Centre sent an email last night saying good news is oh the way and a little hooray video. It was pretty cool. I’ll just be patient. It will probably work after we get the news in mail later. Just guessing the last part.

DD got an email last night. Today she received the actual mailing. Good luck everyone.

We received our acceptance message online today! Did anyone find out about scholarships in the email? I am hopeful that my daughter will get some scholarships.

Hello guys! I’m from Egypt. The portal says that decisions will be emailed on the 30th of January!

@birdie3 KY. I may have received my letter earlier as opposed those living in other states.

Viewed acceptance ! on portal just now
No mention of any merit :frowning:
Wonder if it comes in the letter, if it comes at all?

@frogger7474 When DD received her acceptance letter there was a second sheet with merit offering.

thanks birdie3- will wait!!

My DD got her letter on Saturday - notified via the portal Fri evening. Got a nice $23,000 merit award too!! Excited for her!! Have to schedule a visit now.