EA/ED/RD Class of 2024

Hey guys! Just thought that I would start a thread for current seniors who are applying to Kalamazoo, starting in Fall 2020.

Acceptance Status
Scholarship (if you like)
and any stats you feel comfortable sharing!

Hey. I applied EA to Kalamazoo.

@lacenthusiast @9167Isha Any updates on when EA decisions would come out?

No update to the portal yet, but I received an email invitation to an accepted students event.

136k Lux Esto
1510 SAT 4.0UW

128k Lux Esto
1450 SAT 3.90UW

128k Lux exo and 20K Mandelle Award
1490 SAT 3.94 UW

I got waitlisted.
They said that my financial need was high and they want to wait till RD to decide if they will be able to provide sufficient aid.

Found out today about additional 20k Enlightened Leadership Award for the Performing Arts, now Kzoo is definitely one of my most affordable options :slight_smile:

Has anyone committed yet ?

Lux Esto 132k