EA Weekend Cancelled

<p>FYI From the website</p>

<p>Due to the forecasted inclement weather and a concern for your safety, Villanova's Early Action Candidates' Weekend events originally scheduled for this weekend (February 5th and 6th) have been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and your family.</p>

<p>Any news of a make-up date? Hope so. Definitely looking forward to it.</p>

<p>They said we can all schedule our own days to go.
I was so bummed. I'm coming all the way from Colorado so it would have been a long trek but one I would have been happy to make.</p>

<p>I blame the expected 2-3 feet of snow.</p>

<p>yup, there's a ridiculous amount of snow here right now and half the campus was outside having a huge snowball fight at like 2AM. it was awesome. somehow everyone got a hold of the lunch trays they had at the dining hall and those were our snowboards/sleds/shields from a shower of snowballs. i'll try and get some pics for you guys but the girl who had the camera is passed out cuz we all got back at like 4 but that would've been awesome if we had the sleepover visits going on you guys would've had so much fun :)</p>

<p>The cafeteria has trays?</p>

<p>you know, the blue ones on the rotating track when we dump them to be cleaned</p>

<p>Haven't received e-mail notice from VU yet, but the website states that the EA Weekend has been re-scheduled for weekend of March 12 & 13 (Friday & Saturday). Hope the weather is good!!</p>

<p>I can't find it on the website

<p>It's on the accepted students website on the "Visits" menu and the Early Action Candidates link. The page loads with a link to register which does not work. So not sure that is the re-do weekend or not. Still no e-mail notice from VU.</p>

<p>At least I will keep it in the back of my mind and not schedule anything.</p>