Earlham vs. Beloit, Knox & Hendrix

<p>Hi! I've been accepted to four colleges so far and am waiting on about six others. I haven't been able to visit any of them and may not be able to visit them in order to make my final decision. (Unable to afford airfare) I'm looking for comparisons between the following schools: Earlham, Knox, Beloit and Hendrix. </p>

<p>Academic programs that interest me: International relations, anthropology/sociology (I know that Beloit has a top anthro program), gender studies, urban studies, educational policy/reform, strong Spanish program(?) (REALLY want to be fluent)</p>

<p>Are they very similar in terms of academic quality? Can you tell me more about the social life at each school? I'd like to live and learn with people who are respectful, kind and smart. Are students interested in their work? Are class discussions lively? How do food/dorms/facilities compare?</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>

<p>First, congratulations. Those are four fine schools, and you'd get a good education at any of them.</p>

<p>My D is a junior at Earlham, so I can tell you a little about that. I don't have personal knowledge of the other three, but have heard good things about them as well. </p>

<p>Of the academic interests you listed, Earlham's strongest are International</a> Studies | Earlham College and Women's</a> Studies | Earlham College .</p>

<p>Campus life, like everything at Earlham, is influenced by the school's Quaker roots. Respect, integrity, and concensus are big values. Not to say that life is perfect there, but from what I've seen they really try to live out those values. </p>

<p>There are lots of student clubs, groups, activities, concerts and lectures, music and dance shows, and special events (e.g., Late Night Brunch is a tradition on the Sunday night before finals week, served to the students by faculty and staff). Classes are very small; most of my D's discussion sections are 6-10 students. Students really get to know the professors, and individual attention is easy to get. I once heard the Director of Admissions say, "No one falls through the cracks at Earlham" and I have found that to be true. My D has found her courses to be challenging and engaging.</p>

<p>Feel free to email the department heads of any programs you're interested in, and I'm sure the same is true of the other 3 schools too. Also, you could contact Admissions and let them know you're very interested and want to visit, but are wondering if they could offer assistance with airfare. Schools have been known to do this for students they want. </p>

<p>Good luck with your decision.</p>

<p>Beloit definitely has a top-notch sociology/anthropology program, housed in a building with an archaeology museum. Very similar school to Earlham, indeed when we visited both schools following acceptance my daughter preferred them both! Beloit is relatively close to Madison, a wonderful small city with outstanding vibes. My daughter graduated from Earlham, loved her experience, felt well prepared for grad school and life in general.</p>