Early Acceptance

<p>Did anyone else get accepted early? Last week, I got an acceptance letter stating that because my scores and grades were so high I was accepted early and this week I was offered the Presidential Scholarship.</p>

<p>No. I am going to apply to UNF my senior year, but i was just wondering what your grades and act and/or sat scores were that allowed you to get accepted early. If you don't mind, can you tell me this please.</p>

<p>Yeah no problem. 3.35uw, 3.76w, 1740 SAT(610 math, 600cr, 530w), 29 ACT(29 english, 28 math, 32 reading, 8 essay).</p>

<p>Myself and three friends went to campus back at the beginning of November for early decision. I got accepted to this year's fall term, one of my friends got placed in the summer term (they said she would adjust better starting then), and my other friend got accepted and offered some big scholarship worth a lot of money ( but he doesn't plan on going).</p>

<p>I got accepted early in October during their on campus early admissions site. I'm gunna be attending there this summer.</p>