Early Action Acceptance Thread

I am starting this thread for acceptance information to Ursinus College. This school is one of my son’s first choice colleges and he is eager to hear. The admissions office said that he should hear some time before the Christmas holiday. Please post as you hear.

Did anyone hear yet? The admissions office said that some offers have been sent out. Anyone?

I’m still waiting for a response!

Accepted today (early action) with a gateway scholarship

Also accepted today with the Gateway Scholarship. This is a top choice with one other school.

When will we get our envelope in the mail?

Nothing yet :frowning:

Should we post stats?

@PhillyEagles99 @elise303 how were you notified?

My S was accepted today as well. 24k merit scholarship, he did not have Gateway stats (25C) He received an email notice that there was a portal update, the acceptance letter was in the portal. Letter states financial aid package should come soon via mail.

Same here! The email came around 5:30pm yesterday. The physical envelope will come soon, probably in the next few days

I was accepted with a gateway scholarship!!, no envelope yet, still waiting.

Just accepted with the gateway scholarship!!

Finally heard!! Accepted with $33,000 Ursinus Scholarship

About how long has the turn around time been for notifications?

How many are considering Ursinus as one of their top choices? S is going to visit again in February and this school is still in the running if he decided on a small school.

I wouldn’t put it as top but he’s not visited yet. Not pleased with the money offer at present but they are re-evaluating it so we will see and will visit late next month

Accepted today! Portal updated around 5:30! Very excited!

S visited twice and felt like he could get a really good education at Ursinus. Opted for a larger campus though. Good luck to all.