Early Action admissions - merit aid

I just received an email stating that my son was admitted to Goucher. We are hoping for merit aid there, but email said nothing about that. Does anyone know if the admission letter is accompanied by merit info? Should I conclude that he hasn’t gotten merit aid? He has 2200 superscore SATs and an A- GPA from a prestigious public school. He seemed like a good candidate for merit aid . . . .

It’s hard to say. My D got merit from several early action schools but the merit always arrived in the mail about a month after the email acceptance. If your son just got accepted you will probably have to wait for the mailed packet to see if he received any merit.

Thanks Amy989. He got another acceptance today (Juniata) and this one included merit notification, which is what I remember with my daughter. Hoping the merit aid from Goucher will come with the mail!

Congratulations on your son’s admission. By now you may already have received the letter in the mail and know this but we got the email last week notifying admission and the letter yesterday which confirmed admission. The letter did include the merit award.

yes, thank you agrandmother (!) - the merit award was with the physical letter. Congats on your grandson/daughter’s admission too - will s/he be attending?

My son is a freshman at Goucher - I cannot say enough good things about the school. He’s been very happy and we are excited about how he has grown. Its a very special place.

What is a typical merit award at Goucher?