Early Action at Centre

<p>Anybody here from Centre regarding Early Admission decisions? Did the letters go out?</p>

<p>Hi Nouve55 – we were also hoping to hear yesterday, but didn’t get a letter or e-mail. I didn’t see any update on Admissions facebook page. Strange, and disappointing…</p>

<p>Nothing from Centre in IL. Was hoping for Jan 18 as their website is saying</p>

<p>No word either way today. I guess Tuesday is the day!</p>

<p>Nothing here in KY and you would think that we would hear practically before anybody. Idk what they are doing. Updates would be thoughtful. Huh.</p>

<p>We are in N.Y. So a day late would have been about right. However it seems that the decisions either were released late Friday or not yet at all!</p>

<p>I expected to be notified by Jan 18. From their link:</p>

<p>“Early Action: Students who apply by December 1, 2012 will be notified of admission decisions by January 18, 2013”</p>

<p>We are also anxiously awaiting a decision here in New York. I think this college is a hidden gem especially for the student who wants to study abroad. We are awaiting a decision before we visit</p>

<p>When my daughter submitted her EA application at the end of November, she received a letter from Centre Admissions Office that she would be notifed on 1/19/13. I suspect she will hear by mid-week. This is a wonderful small liberal arts college, and we very much enjoyed our visit in the Fall. My daughter even received an letter signed by the collehe president thatnk her for making the visit! Good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>Nothing from Centre in Alabama. Would have thought they would have gotten things rolling since this is a holiday weekend. Hopefully Tuesday.</p>

<p>Today my S received two e-mails from Centre. One was for a $300voucher to reimburse travel to visit. The other was a U-tube video proclaiming the wait is almost over and the decision has been mailed.
Does this mean a deferral or an acceptance?</p>

<p>My D received the same two emails today. We are looking to visit in early February so she can get a feel for the campus in the winter months.</p>

<p>We didn’t get a voucher for visiting but we are only an hour and fifteen minutes away. I’m guessing you both live farther afield.</p>

<p>D received one email about notification, nothing about vouchers and we are ~6 hrs away</p>

<p>My son the email notification as well. We are from the Bay area, CA and when we met the counselor way back in Nov., she had mentioned that Centre will reimburse upto $250 for airfare cost.</p>

<p>We are in New York . My daughter is very interested in this school. We come from a full IB school here on Long Island . Waiting for the actual acceptance letter before we book the flight. This could be the school that is under the rador nationally but has so much to offer if you just look inside the cover!!!</p>

<p>Got my letter today, accepted. Pretty good feeling getting accepted, even though Centre isn’t really one of my top choices. Good luck to you all.</p>

<p>D accepted with a half tuition scholarship. Applying for the Brown. Happy with the process so far.</p>

<p>My S accepted with $16,000/yr scholarship. Very happy and a fine school. Very personal letter of acceptance. We live in New York.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if the scholarships are cumulative? My daughter also received an annual scholarship stipend but we are uncertain as to whether we are eligible for others</p>