Early Action Results

<p>Hey, I would really like to know where some of the early action candidates are standing. Have you guys been deferred, accepted, or rejected? I personally have been DEFERRED and am now anxiously awaiting the regular decision results :/ What are everyone's stats like? What do you think about the hope left for deferred students?</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/georgetown-university/1255220-official-georgetown-class-2016-ea-results.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/georgetown-university/1255220-official-georgetown-class-2016-ea-results.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>


<p>feel free to add your stats to the pot!</p>

<p>you should definitely check out the results thread that was already created, but as for the chances of deferred students, from what i've heard their acceptance rate is around 10%, only slightly lower than regular acceptance rates, so being deferred doesn't mean you have no chance. i think they say ea is for applicants they feel 100% confident they would let in rd, so being deferred doesn't mean anything negative necessarily, just that they want to make sure no one better comes along, which sucks but means there's still a good shot. hope that helps a bit :)</p>

<p>smwhtslghtlydzed is absolutely right--all hope is not lost for deferrees! I know, looking at that 10% acceptance rate stat it seems a little hopeless at first (I was deferred too, and it certainly felt like I no longer had any chance), but we really have no clear idea where we stand amongst the deferrals. Who knows, you could've been right near the borderline and didn't make it in by a smidge; it's just hard to know since Georgetown doesn't reject anyone EA, so it's not like we can comfort ourselves knowing we were at least better than some other applicants!
If you have the opportunity, you should see if your counselor is willing to call your admissions rep to get any details you can on why you were deferred, especially if there's nothing glaring on your application that is a likely suspect. I had my counselor do this the other day, and I'm actually feeling better now that I got a positive response and a little confidence boost from my rep! Good luck with RD!</p>

<p>Good advice ywna49! I never thought to call the admissions office! Do you think if my guidance counselor is too busy I could call or e-mail the admissions rep myself?</p>

<p>hmmmm I don't know...I know I would be outrageously nervous to do that myself, but if you really have no other option with a busy counselor...
I just don't know how they perceive kids inquiring themselves, or even how much they would tell you. You could ask your counselor's opinion on this, even if they don't have time to call personally.
If you decide to try something yourself, I would probably just email your rep to reaffirm your interest in Georgetown, and not necessarily call for answers or an explanation. That way, you can at least get a note put on your file showing that you cared enough to contact them and that you're still really interested in attending. Also, don't forget that you can mail them an updated resume or send a letter indicating any changes in awards, ECs, etc. since you applied EA.</p>

<p>"Good advice ywna49! I never thought to call the admissions office! Do you think if my guidance counselor is too busy I could call or e-mail the admissions rep myself? "</p>

<p>I would advise against calling yourself. the Adcomm won't be as open. have the GC at your h.s. call, if he/she is willing.</p>

<p>Gildo and ywna49 are absolutely correct. Your HS College Councilor is the best person to make that call (he/she has the relationship) to the admissions office at Georgetown. My D got deferred and it messed up her weekend. On Monday her Councilor called and found out the real reason. Made a huge difference knowing the real reason and that she is still in the frame.</p>