Early action - when do decisions come out?

Does anyone know when to expect early action decisions to be announced? My daughter has managed the application process independently, but she doesn’t seem to know when to expect a decision.

@ajc1966 Looking back at last years thread it appeared like EA decisions came out in mid-December. Obviously that could change, but that’s what we are going by at our house. Good luck to your daughter!!

Decisions will be released on Monday 12/09 at 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT, 4pm PT! Good luck everyone!

EarlyApps while I hope you’re correct, where did you get this info?

@Jahm1820 I looked back on DU EA threads for the past 4 years, and every year, they were released on the 2nd Monday night of December. Like 2 years ago it was on the 11th, last year was the 10th, so this year should be the 9th unless something changed.

@ EarlyApps -Thanks - I hope you are right! DU is one of my daughter’s top choices - we are really hoping for some good merit aid. Good luck, everyone!

Hopefully it’s today!

I think it will be ! At 4pm PT

Has anyone gotten anything yet?

nothing yet! :frowning:

@tferry I really hope it didn’t get pushed back because of the snow!

Ahhhhh release already!

nothing here either

when did it snow?

couple weeks ago but it might have messed with admissions

Nothing here :frowning:

Last year the first one came out at 4:23

No release tonight then?

@afeldman4 not looking like it

Will we get an email when they are released?