Early Action

I applied Early Action in November to Allegheny College. Has anyone heard back yet? If so, how did you find out?

My daughter applied Early Action the end of November. She received her acceptance notification yesterday through US Postal. Her portal was then updated later in the day. Allegheny is one of her top choices. Best of luck to you!

Applied in mid-November EA, accepted today via snail mail with 31K Trustee scholarship! Portal not updated yet

Also applied EA in November and have not heard anything yet. Starting to get sad - Allegheny is one of my top choices.

I got in!! Checked the mail today and saw the big yellow envelope with autumn leaves photo - I am so excited! So thankful to receive the $31K annual Trustee Scholarship - can’t wait to visit.

31 ACT
3.7 UW GPA
Portal has not changed yet.

I’ve been sweating bullets - this totally made my Christmas! One of the best merit aid offers yet, and makes Allegheny within the realm of possibility.

I completely forgot I wrote this but I received a letter on the 20th and got in! Thanks for responding!

Congrats, @KeepCalmBeHappy ! Maybe I will see you there!