early decision

<p>can i apply ed to emory and rd to oxford?</p>

<p>Yes, I just read about that on the school website. You can also apply ED1 to Emory and ED2 to Oxford (if you don't get into Emory) if you wish.</p>

<p>Can you apply EDI to both?</p>

<p>early decision is a binding commitment to enroll, so there can only be one of those.</p>

<p>Yeah, but can't you say like "Emory College is my first choice and Oxford is my second; if i get rejected by Emory College, automatically consider me for Oxford?"</p>

early decision is a binding commitment to enroll, so there can only be one of those.

Actually, this is the first exception I've seen. </p>

<p>"Students can apply Early Decision to Emory University, choosing either Emory College, Oxford College, or both."</p>

<p>"If you apply Early Decision to both Emory College and Oxford College and [...] are accepted to both Emory College and Oxford College Early Decision, you have until the deposit date to choose which campus to attend."</p>

<p>Oxford</a> College - Applying Early Decision</p>

<p>Does that mean you can apply EDI to both, or apply EDI and EDII and choose (if you get accepted to both).</p>

<p>I would assume you could apply EDI to both (and choose), or EDI to one and RD to the other, or some other combination.... you could call/e-mail and ask to make sure.</p>

<p>It's interesting that you found that on the Oxford website, as it does not appear on the Emory website. </p>

<p>In fact I would say there seems to be confusion between the two:</p>

<p>"Students who have selected Emory as their first choice and who wish to receive an admission decision early in the year may do so by applying for admission under one of two Early Decision plans. Both Early Decision plans are binding, meaning that if Emory admits you, and if Emory makes the education affordable, you must pay your admission deposit and enroll that next fall. You may apply Early Decision to only one school in any given application round. "</p>

<p>Those who are contemplating ED to both Emory and Oxford should check that with Emory Admissions. When you know, please report the answer back here!</p>