<p>Does Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo ever get earthquakes and if so, how often and do they ever affect a class or something?</p>

<p>I'm assuming you're OOS, but actually earthquakes are few in San Luis Obispo. It's away from both San Francisco and LA area. And even if there are some, it's very minor and you can barely feel it.</p>

<p>I think there was a small one around SLO last year.</p>

<p>California-Nevada</a> Fault Map centered at 36N,121W</p>

<p>There was a fairly large quake in 2003 in Paso Robles area. I have no idea how it affected SLO. It's about 30 minutes away, so I'm sure they felt it. They believe the earthquake occurred on the San Simeon fault not far from the Hearst Castle and Cambria.</p>

<p></a> - Earthquake collapses historic building, killing 2 - Dec. 23, 2003</p>

<p>Slo county in general gets quakes pretty often. The makeup of the local earth is such that they do not tend to propagate very far however. That said, yes SLO gets earthquakes, yes you'll feel them on occasion, and unless it was a pretty big one, I doubt it'd affect class.</p>

<p>Despite SLO's proximity to the San Andreas Fault, I haven't noticed any earthquakes since I've started going to Cal Poly. I'm from the Bay Area and we seem to have quite a few more earthquakes up there.</p>