East coast boarding schools with beach access?

Besides SGS, are there other schools where students have regular access to the shore? DS is considering BS and one of his passions is surfing. A formal team is unnecessary.

East Coast surfing is an oxymoron. ?

But outside of St. George’s, you are looking at schools in FL or CA for surfing.

The Governor’s Academy in Byfield is 3 miles from the beach. But SkiEurope is correct. Surfing can be done on the East coast mainly May-Sept.

Does Governors allow kids to go to the beach? Or is it outside of student boundaries?

Our DD move-in weekend a couple of years ago involved one trip to Target and 6 hours in the water after renting boards at Cinnamon Rainbow surf in NH. Anything is better than the Gulf of Mexico.

Also, Milton Academy is close to the beach( maybe not thinking of a city beach though there are others), Tabor is on the beach and I’ve heard it’s great for kids who like marine biology etc. It’s gorgeous. I’ve driven by. You would have to check with these schools since I don’t know what access schools allow.

Actually, it’s not. There is surfing in many locations in New England. Not always consistent but it is done and plenty of surfers. NH and RI spots being among some.

Exeter is about 15 minutes or so from the coast and a couple surf spots in Hampton and Rye.

Some of the best surfing in New England is actually the rest of the months but one needs a very good winter wetsuit setup and some moxie and grit.

I was focusing on organized surfing and missed the part about a formal team being unnecessary. Having been there I agree Hampton Beach is a good spot for what it is.

Depends on your definition of " close." Wollaston Beach is about 4 miles away with no surf.

And just to level set exoectations, there are maybe 3 weeks each at the beginning and end of the academic year that are beach-appropriate. And even at the height of summer, the water is frigid. And if DS picked up surfing in HI or Australia or even SoCal, it ain’t like that in NE.

The Ross School (Long Island, East Hampton) has a surf club.


Disclaimer: I know very little about Ross School, other its location.

P.S. The ocean beaches in the Hamptons are sandy, and you don’t turn blue from cold in August.

For RI, St. Georges and Portsmouth Abbey would be close to the beach. Both have beautiful locations.