EC list (good enough?)

<p>I would love to attend a top university in the future. If you don't mind, can you look over my EC's to see if it is enough? This is basically what I am planning on doing. Thanks!</p>

<p>-2 week archaeology trip to Belize (every summer)
- Fiji Shark Studies program (3 weeks abroad)
-South Africa Conservation program (3 weeks abroad)
-Costa Rica Sea Turtle Conservation program (3 weeks abroad)
-Coastal Conservation Association member (all 4 years in high school)
-Trout Unlimited member (all 4 years in high school)
-100+ volunteering hours at Bald Head Island helping with sea turtles alligators
-Mountain Bike racing all 4 years
-4 varsity letters in lacrosse
-3 varsity letters in cross country
-Multiple offshore fishing tournaments a year (won a few)</p>

<p>Your ECs look very focused and dedicated! Make sure to elaborate on something that really made an impact on you in your essays. Also, your ECs are focused environmentally; do you plan on majoring in something related to your ECs in college? Colleges will see that and be impressed that you have been dedicated from a young age.</p>

<p>This is really good. Good Luck just make sure you keep up with your grades and you'll be fine.</p>

<p>Thank you! Yes, I would like to double major in environmental studies and economics</p>